OOTD Feeling Tweet! New Look Inspire Swallow Dress!

Evenin' lovelies!

So, it's nearly Xmas and we're all spending our hard earned pennies on all those lovely gifts to make our loved ones happy, well, kind of. I had a little splurge yesterday in my current favourite place to shop, New Look Inspire. I don't really know what came over me? Oh actually, yeh I do, pretty dresses and cute shoes on sale, what self respecting girl can resist?

So I purchased the really cute Swallow Print Dress and I am a little bit in love with it. I wore it out last night for some Kissmas drinks with my Grand Theatre crew, little bit sad that I didn't get chance to take it dancing as it was a school night and I did have to be at work at 8am this morning, so it made a swift exit with me after 2 bottles of wine and lots of giggles!

Swallow Print Dress (Uk 26) - £24.99 New Look Inspire
Skinny Pink Belt - New Look Inspire (came with Skater dress in seen in this post)
Black Tights (7X) - £12.95 pack of 3 Big Bloomers Company
Bag & Jewellery - Primark past seasons

I was a bit rushed for time getting ready as I felt a bit guilt ridden after treating myself, so I promptly went and bought pressies for other people, see I am a good girl really! So I ended up throwing the dress on with black tights, my fave, ultra comfy New Look suede wedges, the belt nicked off my other recent New Look Inspire purchase as seen here and some old accessories I've had for agessssssssssss!!! Looks alright I reckon, what you think? (Please excuse the outgrowing Gelux nails, getting them redone this weekend!)

I also picked up 2 pairs of cute flats in wide fit for bargain prices this cute red patent bow pair and a nude pink pair with sparkly toes which I can't seem to find online but I will get pics for ya!

I also recently mentioned on my Twitter that I was after a pair of leopard print leggings. I found a pair a fab leopard jeggings in the Inspire range, I had previously noticed them online but disregarded them as I thought they would never fit me in the waist, but I was surprised when I spotted them in store and tried them on to find that they are super stretchy, a great print, but unfortunately they aren't fitted enough in the leg for me, they fit perfectly at the waist in a size Uk 26 (which I am blatantly larger than) but they are too baggy in the thigh and leg, so I am going to be returning them :( *booooooooooo* just goes to show how diverse we all are in shape!

Anyway, it's nearly 11pm on Christmas eve, eve! I am currently bopping around my kitchen to random tunes including this little number that has got me right in the festive mood! My 2011 Christmas tune pick, The Waitresses, Christmas Wrapping! Enjoy.....

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