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Evening lovelies!

As promised, a little catch up post with you all! After Daily Fail debacle I really wanted my last post 'My Health, My Business' to hold some ground for a while and be quite visible. I really did feel quite strongly about that and wanted any traffic that came this way from the article to see it. Whether they scoffed at it, made fun of me or what, I don't care but I did want to make sure my thoughts were out there.

Anyway, onto moi! As usual I have been busy working away. I have been in training at work as there have been some changes to my role (I work in a customer service complaints team for a large bank if you didn't know.) So I have been coming home feeling a bit brainwashed from that in all honesty. But, this past weekend I did have a lovely time letting my hair down and catching up with a very special person, whom I hear you cry? Well, for now I am going to be keeping that under wraps (but I can't keep my mouth shut very long and it's probably blatantly obvious to most of you! LOL!). We stayed in a really lovely hotel in Birmingham called the Macdonald Burlington where the staff were wonderful. We had awesome munch at good old Nando's, gotta love it and frolicked with the fishes at the Sealife Centre! Muchos fun!

In the midst of all that I did also have chance to do a little bit of shopping, I picked up a really cute floral dress and a pair of teal ballet pumps from New Look in Birmingham city centre. A bargain in all honesty! What do you reckon? I pretty much j'adore the dress!

Floral Printed Dress - New Look £16.99 (Bargain!!!!)
Teal Ballet Pump - New Look £12.99 (Bargain!!!!)

I loved the shape this dress gave me, I love when something really nips in at the waist and gives that lovely hourglass shape like I felt this did on me. Also very in love with all the jewel tones this season so the ballet pumps were a must as soon as I saw them! New Look has lots of them in all different colours so I would seriously check those out, spesh for the bargain price!

Anyway here is a little picture round up of the weekend!

I had a really lovely time, as you can see lots of yummy noms were involved! And the jellyfish really intrigued me! Don't overlook Birmingham guys, seriously, it's not all chavs and cuppa tea's! Lol! The German Xmas Markets will be along soon and they are a fantastic day out that really gets you in the festive mood! Check them out!!!

Lastly, I needed to give this a mention. I got home a few days ago and checked my emails, I came across an email from a reader of the blog, Andrew, when I opened the email I was wowed. This lovely fella had taken the time to do this amazing canvas of me!!!! I cannot believe how seriously talented he is and I just want to say a massive thank you for it, I can't wait till it arrives! Andy you are a star and if you decide to start doing commissions I am more than happy to start promoting you! What do you think of it guys?!

Anyway, I am off to eat supernoodles and sort my horrid hair out (I really need to sort it, really need a change, any ideas as to what I should do with it, please drop me some inspiration!). Until next time guys...


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