A week in the life of moi!

Hi guys!

How are you all?! Well I can wholeheartedly say its been a very busy week for me, between my usual run between both of my jobs, blogging and attending my end of Panto Party with my very favourite theatre boys and girls its been a bit
of a whirlwind which has gone so so quickly!

First of all last week I was asked by Evans if I would be interested in doing a post for them on their Fashion Fix Blog about the new season of shoes they h
ave in at the moment. Of course, I couldn't have been more excited to have been asked and jumped at the chance, being a massive shoe whore and an Evans lover. The post went up on Friday 28th January and I was thrilled to see my little name on their web page! Evans have started having some really amazing shoes in over the past 12 months and I regularly find myself lusting after them, so being asked to give my round-up of a fave 3 pairs and talk about how Id wear them wasn't exactly a chore! If you haven't already seen the post you can see it by clicking here...

Evans Fashion Fix, Shoes Glorious Shoes!

Also this week I received an email from Lauren who writes the awesome blog Pocket Rocket Fashion and now also looks after the Yours Clothing Blog. She asked if I minded if she used one of my images featuring a Yours Clothing item to feature in a blogger round-up. Again, the answer was of course a great, big, fat, YES! You can see that post by clicking here...

Yours Clothing Blogger Round-up!

I was also thrilled this week to have been able to have
a sneak preview of one of the new Simply Be ranges, 'And Abigail' which is due to be released next week, which I featured in a post here at Diamonds 'n' Pearls.

So it has also been a busy week around the blog-o-sphere. I just wanted to take a quick moment to say thank you to all of you who have popped along and read and supported my humble little beginnings so far, I really do love writing this blog and from when I started it a couple of months ago and was barely getting any hits whatsoever to now having a lovely little following it just spurs me on to continue to interact with you all! Thanks guys! I am so excited about Plus London next weekend and the prospect of getting to meet some of you! Who's gonna be there?!?! And more importantly, what are you all wearing?!

Anyway, Thursday was our big end of panto party night where all of us from the theatre have a big night out to celebrate the end of the panto season and say goodbye! Cast, Crew, Performance Staff and all get all dressed up and dance the night away (any excuse). I had a fab night, I have some amazing friends whom I work with which all in turn is a great mix for an amazing night, just a shame it was on a work night for me (boooooooo). Heres a few snaps of the evening, my friend Adam looking very happy schmoozing with Christopher Biggins!
So, Im gonna round this up now with a little heads up to a new magazine called Beautiful Magazine. I had an email from a lovely lady whom was one of the judges at the recent Plus Size Tall, Evans model comp who asked if I would let you all know about the release of the new mag aimed at curvy ladies. If you pop along to their website you can get a free digital download copy of the December/January issue. Theres also a chance to become a cover model, winning an exclusive shoot with the amazing Velvet D'Amour and a trip to Paris! Check it out here...

Beautiful Magazine

Right, I have to get off to work and all that malarky, but I do have an OOTD coming up this week which I will get round to posting and some other bits and pieces, but until then everyone,


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