Hello, It's Me: Update: January 2016

I was wondering after all of these weeks you'd fancy a little update from me...

I know it's been a short while since I have updated this little space so I thought I'd dust off the keyboard, have a sneak peak in my inbox and type some words on some space to let you all know that I am indeed still around (although I'm sure you were all far too busy having a fabulous time to even think about this space).

I have been a totally skint bint (in true January dullard style) and the only outfits I've worn have either been really boring or my gym kit. So I have no official outfit post to show you or any particular item to review but I thought I'd give you a little picture update...

The one common occurance you will see from the pictures is that I seemed to have developed a love of the outdoors as I've been most likely to be found clocking up the miles in the countryside covered in mud, clad in my favourite wide fit wellies and warmest coat rather than anywhere else.

I have also over the past few weeks...

Tried to live without my hair extensions, had them taken out and then had them promptly put back in. It all lasted about 3 weeks but in the end I was sick of looking like an ugly boiled potato (see ridiculous, stroppy pouty duck face in pictures)

Had a HUGE wardrobe clear out (again another reason for no interesting outfits as I now have no clothes to wear!)

Finally booked my driving test (I can no longer live life as a bus wanker, so all of the money that I used to spend on clothes and shoes now goes on terrorising the roads)

...and finally acquired a terrible addiction to my Fitbit (yes I'm now one of those dickheads, I'm not even sorry.) I will talk more about what I've been upto fitness wise soon as I do get a lot of questions about it; however I know some people are upset/triggered by this kind of chatter and I want to talk about it as positively and sensitively as possible.

I hope you've all got off to a great start this new year <3

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