Christmas Crafting the John Lewis Christmas Way

John Lewis Christmas

I'm not going to be able to get away with saying I don't like Christmas soon if this post and my last post are anything to go by. Between proudly prancing around Birmingham in my Christmas jumper and now talking about enjoying a crafty evening with John Lewis, quaffing Prosecco and eating all of the pigs in blankets I think I'm well and truly (well nearly) in the clutches of Christmas *BAH HUMBUG*.

John Lewis

Last week I spent the evening at The Proud Archivist in London where myself and some other lovely bloggers got free reign of lots of fabulously festive Christmas crafty bits and pieces from the John Lewis Christmas Range. We had the super crafty Nicola on hand from Homemade London to show us her skills and help us get to grips with wreath making workshops, a table place setting 101 and my favourite of all the art of wrapping (which I absolutely needed as I'm bloody awful at wrapping anything).

For the wrapping class (that's definitely wrapping with a 'W' not to be mistaken with the other rapping; however I'm not good at that either), we were given a lovely 'Man On The Moon' goodie bag filled with Christmas crafting kits, yummy treats and stocking fillers to have a go, do our worst and practice wrapping all the gifts inside to our hearts content. 

 Man On The Moon

I had told Nicola about my severe lack of skill when it comes to wrapping so she worked her magic, guided me through the minefield of ribbons and shiny paper and taught me about amazing little wrapping hacks like glue dots (GLUE DOTS!!! Who'd have thought they were a thing?) instead of having to mess around for hours, wasting valuable wine drinking time, whilst trying to find the end on the roll of sellotape *LIFE CHANGING*.

LOOK AT THAT! Never in my life did I EVER  think I'd be able to produce a stellar bit of wrapping like that! I am practically now the queen of wrapping (OBVS!). A huge thank you to John Lewis for putting on such a lovely Christmas event and Homemade London for showing us their perfectly homemade and handmade ways! 

Not only did I learn some new life skills I got to hang out and gossip with this festive angel, Bethany, aren't we just a delight...

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