Hepburn Ain't Got Sh*t On Me: Plus Size Vintage Dresses : Lady V London

Another post, another beautiful outfit I got to wear and be swishy in whilst hanging with the girls on our blogger retreat a few weeks ago. 

I wanted to save this post until when the run up to Christmas Party Wear season began and so here we are! Halloween is out of the way, Bonfire night is out of the way and now it's time for us to get on the Chrimbo dress hype and start scouring the market for that perfect piece and if you love a super pretty, lady like number and fancy that pin-up, vintage look then I urge you to hop on over to Lady V London

My dress was a big surprise as I wasn't told what I was receiving, which was VERY scary but when I saw this lovely dress I was so pleased! I got it on and instantly felt like I'd just dropped out of an episode of Mad Men. The 'Hepburn Dress' comes in so many different prints and colours and is described as '...sophisticated and classy' (the dress not me, obviously!). If the green floral isn't for you there are cupcakes, polka dots and solid colour satin offerings too.

'Enchanting Birds' Hepburn Dress*
Strappy Wide Fit Heels (Similar Here)
Hair Corsage (Similar Here)

No post featuring a pin-up style dress from me would be complete without my usual disclaimer of 'I never usually wear the pin-up style but...' I have to admit I'm wearing it more regularly these days even if I am always a bit conscious of it. My fear of it is sometimes I find it dropping over into the realms of looking a bit 'costumey' if you get me? So with this I tried my hardest to keep it quite toned down and added some strappy black sandals to match the skinny black belt and a lovely black hair corsage to try and keep the look as fancy as possible without looking like I was in actual fancy dress, it's definitely a style that I enjoy but it's not my most comfortable of looks but that's the fun of fashion, playing with looks until you make them work in a way you finally step out feeling amazing. 

All of the girls looked so fantastic in these dresses and there really is something for everyone from a retailer like Lady V London, no matter what your size or shape. With sizes running between a UK 8 to 32 they really are a brand that tries their damned hardest to embrace plus size women and make them feel valued as customers. Their ongoing collaboration with Georgina and the birth and subsequent success of Lady Voluptuous just goes to show how brands can do the inclusivity thing and really make it work, so I will always really applaud them for their commitment to dressing women at both ends of the size spectrum. 

Now, on to the important stuff! Cake anyone? (Thanks Lilibets of Paris for these yummies!) 
*Denotes Gifted Item

Photos with thanks to Nicky Rockets

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