Bootcuts and Blue Fringes: Yours Clothing Outfit

I was so busy whilst trotting about on my travels in NYC that I didn't get chance to snap all of the outfits that I wore sadly so I've recreated a couple of them for you, just so you don't miss out! Haha!

The weather out there was unreal, a blazing 23 C degrees most days so keeping cool and stylish all at the same time was a real struggle, however luckily the kimono is still a big deal for Autumn with the boho-ish 70's trend hanging around and this beautiful, fringed ombre number from Yours Clothing was perfect for dressing up for cocktails in Manhattan on a warm October night or would still look great dressed down with a long sleeved jersey top to keep a bit warmer on chillier days whilst strolling through Central Park.

Now, I have a confession to make, I have not worn bootcut jeans for YEARS! Why? Well, for so long bootcut jeans were the only jean you were ever able to get in fat size and it infuriated me, I wanted what all the skinny girls had and skinny girls had skinny jeans. I'd wanted skinny jeans in fat size for so long but getting them in a size 18+ was practically like trying to get hold of a unicorn, until one day, finally, the fat girl skinny jean became a real, actual thing. I emptied my wardrobe of any remnants of a bootcut jean, filled it with nothing but skinnies and never looked back. However with the 70's trend revival it seems the bootcut/flare/kickflare has made a massive comeback and I thought it was time to maybe give the good old fat girl bootcut staple a second chance...

Fringed Kimono*
Bootcut Jeans*
Blue Ombre Wrap Top
Platform T-Bar Heels* (Similar)
Belt (old)

At first I was afraid, I was petrified at the thought of having another pair of bootcut jeans on my behind (sorry I apologise I just couldn't help that one) but in all seriousness I think I might actually like them again? Does this mean we're back together? I think it does. 

These ones are pretty damn good too, I'm wearing the UK size 24 in a 28inch leg and they're perfect on me. When I first tried to pull them on they felt a bit snug and like there was no way they were going to fasten as they don't have much stretch like most fat girl jeans (which isn't a bad thing as they feel like really sturdy, well made jeans). I did in the end manage to get them zipped up and they've started kind of moulding to my shape and don't feel anywhere near as snug as when I first popped them on. So don't be tempted to size up in these, if at first they feel a bit on the tight side, stick with them, they will be the perfect fit (well unless you are actually really struggling to breathe in them then I'd say just size up!).

If you can see me sporting a a flashy leopard print watch number then well, I need to mention it was my little birthday treat to myself! I have wanted that watch for so, so, long and whilst in duty free in JFK Airport on the way back home I saw it sitting there staring at me. I checked my purse and I had money left over so thought 'sod it, I'm getting it'. You know that feeling of real pride and excitement when you finally afford to buy something you've wanted for ages? Well that's what I got. It's not a mega expensive item but I just never had the spare cash to buy it for myself but I've worked so hard these last few months it was deserved. It's a Guess Watch and they have some really nice designs in their ladies watches

*Denotes Gifted Item

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