My Not So 'Perfect' Perfect Body : My Body Love

My body isn't 'perfect' but the journey it has taken is. 

Every scar, every line, every wrinkle, every crease, every stretch mark, every pucker, every blemish, they're all part of the journey my body has carried me through as a woman. 

A woman who loves, a woman who laughs, a woman who cries, a woman who cares.

A woman who is a friend, a woman who is a daughter, a woman who is a sister.

A woman who is kind and strong and happy and living in a body, not a 'perfect' body but a body that is hers, it is perfect to her.

My body has been hated, it has been loved, it has had bad days and good days and tough days but it still carries on through it's journey, where that journey ends, I don't know but my body will tell the tale one day as I look upon it's skin and I remember all the things that it experienced with me, for me, together. 

I shall not tell this body bad things, or treat it like it isn't important. This body is the body of the woman who still has a tremendous journey to travel and this not so 'perfect' perfect body will be joining her every step of the way...

Dressing Gown*
Curvy Kate Bra - Old
Knickers - Dear Kate*

Remember your bodies may not be 'perfect' but they are perfect for you and your journey. Love them, cherish them, treat them well. 

You only get one body.

*Denotes gifted item

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