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Evenin' Lovies!

I'm in full excited girly mode right now as tomorrow morning I am off for my annual Butlins Big Weekender trip with the crew. There will be zillions of pics on my Instagram and I'm more than sure I will do a big update when I'm back, so if you're interested in my drunken shenanigans then stick around for the aftermath.

Today on the blog I'm bringing over all the retro feels. That lovely lady, guru of all things big boobed, Georgina Horne of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust recently released  Lady Voluptuous, a line of plus size vintage clothing in collaboration with UK retailer Lady V London and its beautiful! 

Since the range was released I've loved seeing the range of prints, colours and cuts that Georgina and Lady Voluptuous has bought to plus size vintage but the biggest selling point for me? The inclusive range of sizes. Lady Voluptuous goes way past where not only a lot of plus size vintage retailers stop but plus size retailers in general stop. Every piece in the Lady  Voluptuous collection is available in UK sizes 16-32 and that pleases me greatly. The fact that plus size girls at the smaller and larger ends of the spectrum can enjoy this range is fantastic and I hope more retailers take note.

Georgina very kindly asked me if I'd like to review a piece from the range and I was honestly thrilled to give it a go. Although I'm not the biggest lover of the whole pin-up, vintage style I do like to dip my toe in every now and then so when I met 'Phoebe' I was sold.

Phoebe has to be my favourite style in the range so far. She comes in a range of floral and cute quirky prints all teamed up with a really girly, swishy cut. It was so difficult to choose which one I wanted but in the end I opted for the Japanese Black Floral as I was drawn to the smatterings of vibrant orange, stunning! I'm wearing the dress in a UK size 26/28 and although it fits me it is a little bit big. It doesn't help that I have no idea what size I am these days but after reading reviews and Georgina's advice, I do believe that if you are a large busted lady then you may need to size up with Phoebe to ensure your lady lumps are safely inside, so bare this in mind if you purchase. I'm not sure if I could've gotten away with a 22/24 due to boob room needed but I will consider this for if I order in future.

I teamed Phoebe with my new blue suedette peeptoes from Evans, my Joanna Hope studded bag and my ever loved Domino Dollhouse cat eye, retro sunnies...

Japanese Black Floral 'Phoebe' Dress*
Blue Suedette Peeptoes*
Studded Bag
Cat Eye Sunnies (Similar)

These vibrant blue peeptoes were sent to me by the guys over at Evans and they're fabulous! I know a lot of us are quite scared of heels but for me it's all about getting the right ones. I buy a lot of my heels from Evans as I know they're made especially with wide fitting feet in mind. 

Peeptoe heels can be especially problematic for me as I find my little trotters usually slip to the front of the shoe and squish my toes but I don't seem to get this with Evans heels as there is plenty of cushioning and support in the heel and ball of the foot area and loads of peeptoe room for chunky little toesies!

*Denotes Gifted Item

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