Boobs with Bravissimo

Boobs, ladies I'm sure you are with me, they are the love of our lives but also sometimes they are also the utter bane of our lives. Badly fitting bra's cause us so much upset so I was so pleased when I recently got invited to pop along to a Bravissimo store and experience a brand who knows EVERYTHING about our lady lumps!

My closest store is Solihull which is a little out of the way for me but after the experience I had with these ladies it was worth the train journey. 

The moment I walked into the store I was welcomed by lot of lovely ladies who were ready and waiting to help me. I was shown up to the fitting rooms and introduced to Julie who would be working with me to find my perfect fit. Julie talked me through how so many women are so worried about getting their boobs out for a fitting but girls, these women are used to it, it's what their days are made for so don't worry about something so insignificant, your boobs need to be looked after so a few minutes of baring all is worth it. 

My Julie!

Julie explained to me how there were no tape measures, no adding up measurements and taking away measurements and all that old malarky but the fitting was all about trying on and seeing what worked and what didn't and Julie absolutely knew her stuff. 

Before the fitting in my very own Curvy Kate 'Portia' bra

I've been wearing a 40K over the past year and it's fitted well but due to my recent weight loss I have noticed some change in my boobs so I was due for a fitting. I didn't think that Bravissimo would have anything for a girl of my size but I was very pleasantly surprised. Julie bought me a range of 38JJ-40K bras to try and if something didn't work we went for something else.

Paisley Charm Bra

Panache Tango in 'Lemonade'

Urban Rose (I actually bought this one!)

Active Multi Sports Bra (this was great and I'm gonna grab one soon)

 Milano Tankini Top

Medina Tankini Top 

I spent a good hour in the fitting where Julie was so helpful and informative and told me about the training Bravissimo girls go through in order to give their customers the best service possible. I walked away feeling really enlightened and no pun intended, uplifted! Bravissimo really are the bra angels and I suggest you all get along to see them. My only criticism of the store? Their clothing and knicker sizes. I'm a plus size girl whom can obviously wear their bra's but their underwear stops at a size 20 which is a real shame when you've found the perfect bra but can't get the matching undies to make you feel super sexy. Maybe Bravissimo will look at extending their sizes in the future but until then we can deal with having perfectly supported racks! 

I walked away with the Bravissimo Urban Rose bra and the Panache Tango in black what will be in your Bravissimo bag? Let them know on their Twitter and Instagram with the #AmazingYou hashtag!

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