Tell Your Own Fashion Story: Incognito Princess : Plus Size Outfit

Some days I dress in ways that make people in my area stop and think 'what on earth is she wearing?' and this outfit caused a few of those moments, not because it's particularly outrageous but it's not often in Wolverhampton you see a size 24 girl flouncing around in a frou-frou tulle skirt at 2 o'clock in the afternoon.  

Do I care? Not particularly I have nice clothes and sometimes there just isn't the time or the place to wear them, so I create times and places. The time and place for this number? Sunday lunch at a local, pretty casual pub! Did I cause a few stares? Yes I did and I loved it! What's the point in blending in? When I'm feeling great I want the world to notice and feel great with me!

Pink Woven Vest
Tulle Skirt (Similar Here)
Denim Shirt (Similar Here)
Blue Stud Detail Bag
Statement Necklace (Old from George @ Asda)
Pink Heels (Vintage)

See sometimes, in my head my outfits tell a story and this one is my 'incognito princess'. She wants to go out and about in the real world but she would be far too noticeable in one of her gowns, so she slips a denim shirt on over the top of one of her pretty dresses and adds a cool bag to try and make herself blend in but still ends up standing out. You're probably thinking 'Naomi, what on earth are you going on about?' but seriously I have a terribly overactive imagination and I love putting outfits together that could have their own stories to them, stories that flout conventional rules about how plus size girls should dress.

For me getting dressed everyday isn't just about putting some clothes on it's about expression and showing the world how I feel. That's why rules on what a plus size girl should and shouldn't wear are so damaging. How will you ever be who you want to be if you follow rules about something as simple as fashion? Fashion is expressive and creative and uplifting and tells a story! Why would you want to take that away? 

The next time you feel you need to follow a 'fashion rule' forget it! Throw the rule book out of the window and tell your own fashion story, no matter what that may be!

So, who are you going to be today?

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