Smouldering Sunday Scarlett: 5 Days 5 Dresses

Another day, another dress!

I'm gonna level with you, most the time when I'm asked if I'd like an item from a brand, especially clothing, I usually get the option to choose it myself so it's not often I receive something that's not to my usual taste; however those little devils over at Scarlett & Jo like sending little surprise parcels and I love them for it because it means I get to try things that are sometimes out of my comfort zone and I'm not going to lie to you, this dress is totally out of my comfort zone.

The shape was my biggest concern with this dress, being very much an 'all belly' kinda girl the nipped in waist and kinda fishtail flare out style terrified me as I was worried I'd look terrible but after getting it on it wasn't anywhere near as scary as I had originally thought. 

I'm wearing this dress in a UK size 28 which fits me well apart from the bust being a little big but the size is a good fit for my tummy area as there is no stretch in this dress at all, a smaller size would have been too tight. I think due to this dress not being my usual style I found it a little difficult to style up but I gave it my best shot. 

Bright red lips, a good slick of black liquid liner, a pretty necklace and a strappy heel and I'm quite pleased with how I did manage to pull it together in the end. Although this dress isn't my usual style I did still want to show it to you, like I said in my post on Friday, Scarlett & Jo have something for every taste and whilst this isn't to mine I'm sure it ticks the boxes for a lot of you and given you the nudge to give it a try. This particular red and print version of the dress will be available soon on the Evans site but right now it is available in a number of other colours including a blue printed one and a plain black and plain navy version.

 Print Maxi Dress*
Ankle Strap Heels
Necklace (old Primark)

*Denotes Gifted Item

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