When in Doubt Get Your Wingz Out: Plus Size Outfit and Review

I was popping out to an event a few days ago and I pulled out of my wardrobe a sleeveless floral number that I picked up on eBay a few years ago. I paired it with some cute kitten heels and a clutch bag however the sun was in and out more times than a porn stars nipples so I was a little bit worried about wearing a sleeveless dress and possibly ending up freezing. I could have just taken a coat or jacket but that's just not an option especially if you're not sure if you're going to end up having to carry it around (I need both of my hands free for holding glasses of wine and taking selfies of course).

 White Viscose Wingz*
Floral Dress (Similar)
Nude Heels (Similar)
Feather Clutch Bag (Similar) 

Now notice how I said that this dress is 'sleeveless' but I seem to be wearing sleeves? Well that's because I'm wearing 'Wingz' (no I haven't gone mental and seem to think I can fly!). Wingz are a clever little wardrobe addition to switch up your usually sleeveless tops and dresses. They are essentially removable sleeves on an elasticated band that sits securely under your bust, if you're a little unsure, check out their 'How To Wear Wingz' video.

Whilst at first I found them a little bit odd to wear I soon got very used to them and before long I hardly noticed that I had them on at all. For complete transparency however I did find these particular white ones a little bit tight on my upper arms (I do have particularly chunky arms). I am wearing a 'size 3' (recommended for a wearer of a UK size 24-28) in the white 3/4 length stretch viscose Wingz which is the largest size and whilst they do have some stretch they weren't as stretchy as I had expected or needed them to be. Not a huge problem as I was still able to wear them reasonably comfortably but If you're much bigger than me then I would suggest opting for a pair with a looser fit to them. 

Would I buy Wingz in the future? Absolutely! They were perfect for that bit of extra coverage on an unpredictable day and definitely didn't ruin the overall look of my outfit. There are many different styles and cuts of Wingz currently on sale on their website so there's something that will go with pretty much all of your wardrobe. Check them out...

*Denotes a gifted item

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