Hangin' With FloridaTix: Birmingham Blogger Events

Hiya Guys and Girls!

Happy Monday! How are you all doin' today? It's nice to be getting back into blogging (thanks to all the people that are helping me put my posts together whilst I still have a dodgy hand!). 

I was let out for a few hours last week to a really cool little event at Island Bar in Birmingham (best cocktails EVER by the way!), in aid of FloridaTix.com's 10th Birthday anniversary

I got to take selfies with Professor Snape, eat amazing cake, hang with one of my fave ginger girls, Charl and do really terribly on a Disney and Florida themed quiz (my sheer lack of Disney based knowledge highlighted that I should probably grab some park tickets from these guys and take a trip to some of the Orlando theme parks)

Happy Birthday FloridaTix!

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