Colour Bomb Brights : Plus Size Outfit

It's Sunday, I've had two nights out on the bounce, I am exhausted and could do with a disco nap but I really wanted to show you one of the outfits I wore over the weekend. It's a bit of a daring one for me and it's not a dress for a change *shock**horror*!

I broke out some floral trousers with a bardot bodysuit worn underneath (which is a big deal for someone like me who is really conscious of VBO) and my gorgeous, super bright, juicy Michael Kors bag*. This is such a different look for me but I love how all of the colours just work, even more so, I love the shape this whole outfit gives me. I mean, I don't like to big myself up too much but my hips look pretty bangin' in these trousers, move over Kimmy K ;)

Bardot Body Suit
Floral Trouser (Similar)
Heels (Similar)
Michael Kors Bag
Statement Necklace (Similar)
'Mandorina' Mineral  Lipstick

I also hadn't intended on matching my lippy to my handbag but I found my Bella Pierre 'Mandorina' mineral lippy in the bottom of one of my other handbags and it was like hitting the jackpot (don't you love finding things you had forgotten about and falling in love with them all over again?).  

*denotes gifted item all opinions my own

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