Keeping It Simple: Curvissa

Hi lovelies!

How are you all? It's Valentines Day in a couple of sleeps and I've prepared my postman to be ready for the mountain of cards I'm going to receive (obviously joking). Anyway I may not have a hot date for the big V Day but it always makes me think about outfits I'd like to wear.

The lovely guys over at Curvissa sent me a cute red clutch bag to style up in a bit of a blogger challenge and the colour just made me think it would be perfect for a first date night or Valentines Night out drinks with your fellow single girls.

The outfit is really simple but sometimes simplicity is key, especially when you want to relax and feel fabulous and flirty on a first date or want to really let your hair down with your mates on a night out and forget about all the soppy gits stuck at a table staring into each others eyes (I'm not bitter, honestly!). 

Jeans, pretty top, heels, your fave lippy and a splash of colour and that's what I went for with this little outfit. Simple!


 Ostrich Textured Clutch Bag
Black Peplum Style Top
Super Skinny Jeans (similar)
Black Pointed Court Shoes (similar)
Chiffon Shrug (similar)

See, told you, no bells and whistles just completely back to basics but this outfit makes me feel so pretty and confident just from a pair of well fitted jeans and a top, it's not about what you wear it's definitely about how you wear it. 

Now, why don't you pop along and see how Becky, Rosie, Laura and Felicity styled up their clutch bag?

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