Two Plus TuTu: Plus Size Outfit

So, I'm a bit crap at making the effort to take 'proper blogger' pictures. I had myself a dead swanky camera just before Christmas and promised myself I'd make more of an effort to snap better pictures for the old blog. I am trying, honestly, but sometimes it just doesn't happen and I'd rather spend an extra 20 minutes putting on another layer of makeup and chugging down a vodka rather than pose like a dickhead in front of a camera in my moms bedroom or the back garden in freezing cold temperatures. So sometimes a few full length mirror shots are all I can muster or a quick snap by one of my very obliging friends on my battered old iPhone 5s is all I can manage, I'm trying to pass it off as just being part of my blogs charm *haha* but bare with me...

This outfit however has me really regretting not making the effort to get decent pics of. I was off out to my friends 30th birthday party and wasn't sure what to wear. I haven't bought any new 'going out out' dresses or anything for a while as I'm trying to utilise more of what I already have so whilst I was fishing through the depths of my wardrobe I found a classic little black dress that I wore to a Christmas party in 2013 (you can see how I wore it in this old post  >here< ! 

The dress is by Zay and was gifted to me by plus size designer clothing retailer Navabi. It's such a simple but elegant piece and although it's no longer available there are lots of lace bodycon style dresses about. It's a very fitted style of dress something I'm not always that comfortable with but this one does really highlight and contour your curves; however on this occasion, after slipping it on I just felt like I needed something else from it. 

The night before I'd been to another party and had worn my ASOS Curve Tiered skirt and well, I put two and tutu together (see what I did there?) and decided to slip the skirt on over the top of my dress! Madness I hear you cry! But, I think it works and if I wanted to I could've even done a Beyonce style outfit change half way through the night, a Bucks Fizz-esque skirt swish off (I didn't, but you know, I could of if I wanted to!). 

 Zay Black Lace Dress  - Navabi (No longer available but similar here)
Tiered Skirt - ASOS Curve
Feather Clutch - Dorothy Perkins (No longer available online they are on sale instore but similar here)
Nude Court Shoes - old

One of my absolute best friends is always amazed by how I'll rework my clothes to do or be something else and I've never really thought too much about it, but it just goes to show, your items can be much more than what they are sold to be. A sprinkle of imagination and an old dress can be mixed up to be a new dress!

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