Meet You On The Runway : 2014 Roundup & Hello 2015

Happy New Year!

I don't really know where this post is going to go, there's no plan but just stick with me, I'm sure I'll get to a point at some point...

So 2014 has gone. It was a good year for me in some respects and it was an awful year for me in others, I don't really want to dwell on either because the past is just that, the past and focusing on what lies ahead is so much more important to me now. 

The one thing I did notice about 2014 is how my style began to change and how I now feel like I've really started to discover more of who I am style wise. When I first began this blog I was all about the dresses; millions of pretty dresses and ballet pumps. I think that time was all about the me that had just discovered plus size fashion. I felt the need to own every pretty dress with a quirky print on it, they all needed to be in my wardrobe. Now I've realised that actually pretty dresses are nice but they aren't really always my thing. 

This year I discovered a new love of trainers/sneakers whichever you want to call them, jeans, wet look leggings, oversized tee's, check shirts, pleather, tough boots and anything with an androgynous but slightly glam edge. If I'm ever asked what my personal style is now my reply is usually something along the lines of 'girly tomboy with a hint of GLAM'. 

Looking back through my outfit posts of 2014 I'd definitely say that I'm fonder of my more casual looks and I'm looking forward to wearing more and more of them well into 2015 (and extending my trainer collection further!). With that, I thought I'd do a little round up of my fave outfits of 2014...

I've always quite openly admitted on here that I'm no 'style' blogger. I'm by no means the best dressed person in the world, I'm quite obviously very far from it in fact, but I am a plus size girl who loves getting dressed every day and I love to look good which in turn makes me feel great, everybody is entitled to feel good about themselves but I know that's not the case for many plus size women out there due to the pressures that society places on us.

I hope some of you have taken just a little bit of inspiration from my little blog in 2014 and I hope to inspire and support even more of you well into 2015. Getting dressed every day shouldn't be a chore and a deep struggle to find a bit of confidence just to wear a pretty dress! It should be effortless, exciting, fun and an expression of who you are and who you want to be! Let's all take on 2015 with a promise to ourselves to enjoy the daily catwalk that life throws at us. Hold your heads up high, tell yourselves you're amazing and strut through 2015 like you've never strutted before!

Meet you on the runway ladies! Let's make 2015 awesome!


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