September Beauty Buys: My Holiday Essentials


I have only been back in the UK for a few hours but I wanted to get in a September Beauty post before the month ended. I've had a fabulous holiday in Turkey for my 30th Birthday and I will tell you lots more about it soon but I wanted to show you the things that turned out to be my essentials whilst holidaying. As I haven't been on holiday for a very long time I wanted to do this post after I'd been away so as to see what I really used throughout my time there, out of the huge bag of things I took with me these were the items that got the most use. 

Cotton Leopard Print Bandeau Top - Yours Clothing
Sunglasses - Domino Dollhouse
Full Ada Brief (Queen Size) - Dear Kate (full review coming soon!)
Rock & Love Body Spray - Impulse
Nive Creme - Nivea 
Tinted Lip Balm - Avon
Baked Bronzer 'Golden Days' - Makeup Revolution
'Big Eyes' Waterproof Mascara - Maybelline

First of all what girl can live without her little blue pot of Nivea Creme? Nivea Creme is my daily moisturiser anyway but this little 50ml pot is the perfect size for hand luggage, keeping your skin hydrated whilst stuck on air conditioned transport and is an absolute essential for slathering on skin after endless days in the pool and catching the rays. A little bit really does go a long way and after a week in Turkey this 50ml tub is still going strong a very well spent £1.49!

For lips I went for my Avon Tinted Lip Balm, it looks a bit odd in the picture as it seems colourless, however a slick on the lips and you get a beautiful iridescent colour. Mine is in 'pink' and instead of coating your lips in full colour it keeps them conditioned and pretty in a two-tone hue. This was great day or night and just as good for traveling, stopping my lips from drying out on the flight. 

My Makeup Revolution Baked Bronzer in 'Golden Days' is now my absolute must have bronzer. In the evenings I found it too warm to wear a full face of makeup (can you believe it!). I went sans foundation and my evening makeup routine was very basic. I'd highlight my cheeks with this bronzer and it set off my newly tanned skin so well. Very light and for a bargain makeup brand has a really nice texture. 

Staying fresh smelling is difficult when doing so much traveling and this Impulse Rock & Love bodyspray has been fabulous, I had so many compliments on this once I'd spritzed a bit whilst flying or after a day around the pool. The oriental scent features a mix of fresh and fruity fragrance notes, including amber and orange blossom, which combine to produce a bright, sparkling scent, perfect for an on-the-go fragrance boost. I really like this scent as it's fruity and girly, my two must have traits in a fragrance for me. I've loved Impulse scents for as long as I can remember, I mean who can forget the notorious 90's 'Vanilla Kisses' spray we were all doused in back in the day, right? 

Last but not least my absolute KILLER holiday product is my Maybelline Big Eyes Waterproof mascara. This one came in a GlossyBox I had a few months ago and I hadn't used it so I popped it in my travel bag. IT IS THE BEST WATERPROOF MASCARA EVER! It lasted through hours and hours of traveling, I wore it in the pool, in the sea, in the shower, on hot evenings out and it didn't budge one inch! It has two ends, one for your upper lashes and a more defined little brush for your lower lashes, a nice little touch but I wasn't that bothered about that aspect particularly however it's long lasting wear makes this my  PERFECT holiday must have! I know holiday season is over for most of us now but whether you're going away, looking for a new mascara to update your everyday makeup or have lots of parties to go to over the next few months (Halloween, Christmas etc) then give this product a go. I swear it won't let you down. 

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