August Beauty Buys: Old Wives Tail Organic Hair Care

Hello My Loves!

My August beauty post is all about the hurrrrrrrr (that's hair to anyone who only reads proper English). 

I received two lovely products from newly launched hair care brand Old Wives Tail. The brand is a small company which caters to creating beautiful handmade organic hair products which have absolutely no additives or chemicals in them and are completely free from any animal testing. They are so committed to eradicating animal testing that they donate 10% of all their profits to charities which save animals from being tested upon. As an animal lover myself that's a huge thumbs up from me! 

Lily from Old Wives Tail picked the two products that she thought may work best on my relaxed/processed Afro Caribbean hair. I was sent the Melado Organic Hair Growth Oil Treatment and the Almond & Cinnamon Organic Hair Mask. I have had both of the products for a number of weeks now and have really enjoyed using them. 

Almond & Cinnamon Organic Hair Mask

First up the Almond & Cinnamon Organic Hair Mask has been perfect at keeping my usually dry/frizzy/brittle hair feeling soft and well moisturised especially after I've been for a swim. A great big dollop, rubbed between my palms and massaged into my scalp and through to the ends of my hair has worked wonders. The instructions do advise to rinse out afterwards but I've personally found this has worked for me as a leave in conditioner. After getting out of the pool and washing my hair, I've given my hair a good slathering of the mask, wrapped my hair in a towel and left my hair to dry naturally until the next day and then styled as normal. My hair really loves this treatment and really absorbs and locks in it's moisture. This will definitely be in my suitcase when I go on holiday next month to ensure my hair stays hydrated after all that sun, sea and swimming pool action.

Melado Organic Hair Growth Oil Treatment

The Melado Organic Hair Growth Oil Treatment has become a staple in my daily hair routine and this is a product that I shall be returning to when this tub has run out. This oil works so, so well on Afro Caribbean hair, one of the best products I've ever used for beating frizz and keeping my hair moisturised and fly away free on a daily basis. I've tried a number of different oils, lotions and potions and especially recently with the explosion of a million different Argan oils on the hair scene but this one from Old Wives Tail beats them all. It is a mixture of Argan, lavender and nut oils that smell amazing and are also meant to increase hair growth. It's really difficult to say if this has all of a sudden made my hair grow more, I've only been using it a few weeks, however it's still a really great product for hair like mine which is prone to breakage and dryness through processing and regular heat styling, for it's moisturing and frizz battling capabilities alone this product is a winner with me! 

Me with freshly coloured hair (I needed a change!) what do you think?

I also coloured my hair today (I've gone a few shades darker if you couldn't tell what the difference was!) and we all know how drying that can be on hair but with a few drops of this oil on my palms and run through the ends of my hair with my fingers it's been great at keeping it looking shiny and healthy. 

If you're looking to give your hair a bit of a boost and want to try something new and also help towards a good cause then give these products a try especially if you have Afro Caribbean,  processed, damaged, dry or brittle hair then I don't think you'd be disappointed with these at all.

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