Parental Advisory Explicit Content: Outfit

From geekin' it up in my last post < here > to 90's throw back, it was only a few days ago that I promised this outfit was gonna happen.

Mixtape-esque 90's tee? Check! Nike Air Max's? Check! Me forgetting that I am actually very (VERY) nearly 30 years old? CHECK!

Parental  Advisory T-Shirt - ASOS Curve
Blue Denim Jeggings - Evans
Nike Air Max 1 Essential - Nike (Via ASOS)
Chain & Print Hair Band - Peacocks

This tee is another from the ASOS Curve range which is now available up to a UK size 30 (I'm wearing the 30). Again I've slashed the neck off because I hate crew/round neck things and love a bit of shoulder. So pleased they have items in this size range now because this tee has got me so much attention since I've been wearing it. I'm currently lovin' my very tom boyish wardrobe atm and my brand new Nike Air Max 1 Essential's just finish it all off fabulously, I feel like my 15 year old self again! 

The trainers are a bargain at the moment. They're currently reduced from £95 to £57 and there are loads of sizes left, if you're considering treating yourself to a pair do it now whilst ASOS has an awesome sale on Nikes at the moment! They are like walking on air! I love them! I still love my Converse but sometimes I feel like I'm walking on concrete in them, especially when I'm out and about in them for a long time, so these Air Max's are a real treat!

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