Hot Leopard: Outfit and Discount Code

I spent a day catching up with my fabulous friends (whom are keeping me sane at the moment, thank you, I love you all!) and an evening spent with family at a BBQ in a local beauty spot and loved being able to give this dress a proper showing off. 

This Yours Clothing Animal Print  Maxi dress doesn't seem to be available any longer on the site, however they do have a brilliant selection of other maxi's and some other cute animal print dresses. In 27 degree heat this definitely kept me cool but still looking fabulous! 

Animal Print Maxi Dress - Yours Clothing (alternatives available)
Cat Eye Sunglasses - Domino Dollhouse (Similar Available)
Black Sandals - H&M 

Underneath the dress I gave my 'No VPL' (Visible Panty Line) knickers a try that Yours Clothing had kindly sent me to see what  I thought. Now, I'm going to be very honest about these as I'm quite particular about my knickers. I like my undies to come up over my tummy I'm not one of these girls that can wear them underneath my belly as I end up spending my whole day feeling the need to yank them back up. 

My knickers on the bedroom floor again *wink wink*
No VPL Knickers - Yours Clothing

I received these knickers in a UK size 30/32, they're silky soft, super stretchy and have invisible seams which do exactly what these knickers say on the tin, ensure that you don't get a 'VPL'. Unfortunately though as I'm a very large bellied girl I think the lack of rigid seams made these knickers constantly roll down on me. No matter how much I tried to pull them back up over my belly they continued to roll down which after a couple of hours I had to go and change them as I felt like I was going insane. In order for these knickers to have worked for me I'd have needed them to be deeper in the waist to gusset in order for me to be able to pull them up over my tum and for them to sit comfortably. This is a problem I have with most knickers, not just these ones though. If you're smaller bellied and/or don't mind wearing your undies underneath your hip/belly then give these a go or if like me you like to pull them up as far as you can, try them with caution or size up if you're able to. 

After spending the majority of the day frolicking in this dress and sunnies with bare arms I popped on a little chiffon shrug for my evening out just to account for a drop in temperature and a bit of breeze (not that either happened!).

Oh and just an update about my Yours Clothing special blogger discount code. This has now been changed to 'Blogger23'. So if you're a new customer fancy treating yourself to new fancy pants or a pretty summer dress pop this code into the discounts box when making your purchase and you'll receive £10 off a £20 spend! Don't forget, that's 'Blogger23'.

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