Ahoy There Fancy Fatties! : Plus Size Fancy Dress

It's when I write posts like these that I realise I'll never be one of those super glam style blogger types! 

I'd be lying if I told you I dressed immaculately all the time and wore amazing outfits, truth is, I don't, I'm just a fat girl, living in a not so fat accepting world who lives a fat life and has big fat good times and I'm so glad I get to share those good times and all sorts of fatty lifestyle stuff with you, which brings me onto today's post...

I LOVE FANCY DRESS! That's right, those of you who have been following this blog for some time will know that there's nothing more I love than getting dressed up in something utterly ridiculous for a night out with friends or for good times. I've been a chubby girl/fat girl since as far back as I can remember but that has bought along it's issues with something as simple as fancy dress, who'd have thought? I've been going on girly nights out, hen do's, weekends away for years and throughout them all fancy dress has always cropped up. The problem? Plus size fancy dress is like gold dust! It just doesn't seem to exist! I always admired my friends when they could just buy the outfit all ready made and they all matched each other or there was a big group theme and they were all ordering the same costume and I was always the odd one out who had to make her costumes, or throw odd bits together to recreate a look and whilst a bit of creativity is never a bad thing, sometimes you just want the easy option, right? 

 Handmade/thrown together Chubby Barbie aka 'Charbie' costume circa 2011

Bring on Jokers Masquerade who contacted me a few months ago (this is where I have to make a massive apology to them for taking so long to put this review up, sorry guys!). Now, they know that plus size fancy dress is pretty bleak at the moment but the whole point in this post is for them to get some feedback on the market for it. They kindly let me choose a costume from their plus size section and in my size range, 30-32 unfortunately there were only two options available, Women's Devine Devil costume and the Pirate Lady Costume, massively disappointing if like me you really love to get dressed up but I opted to give the latter a try.

I had zero hope that this costume would fit, these ready made fancy dress costumes are notorious for being really poorly sized, I've had size 12 mates who needed size 18 costumes in the past, go figure! However I was pleasantly surprised when this arrived...

Pirate Lady Costume Plus Size - Jokers Masquerade

This costume (especially the main dress part of it) had soooooooo much stretch I think it could have easily fitted someone a little bigger than me without much of a problem. Do you know what this proves? This proves that these costumes CAN be made in plus size so why so few of them? There's some serious cash to be made for the person who starts churning these out properly in larger plus sizes! Jokers Masquerade currently has 21 styles available in a size 26 and above, however be wary of the dual sizing if you go for the size 26's as they may come up a little small! 

My overall thoughts? Great costume, good quality and properly sized! I would maybe like the length of the dress a little shorter as the knee length seems to suggest it's aimed at an older person (I don't know why they seem to think the larger sizes have to be aimed at a 60 year woman!) but apart from that, not a bad start. However I would love nothing more than to see a much greater variety in plus size fancy dress, it is something that really needs a kick up the bum to start taking some steps into being a little bit more inclusive, however, Rome wasn't built in a day was it? 

What are your thoughts girls? I really would love your feedback on this! Do you wear fancy dress? What problems have you found? Please leave me some comments!

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