My #BodyBeautiful Curves & Me: Review

*Warning* - pictures of a fat girl in a bra ahead, if you're offended by this, please click the 'x' at the top right hand corner of your screen now, if not, read on...

If you've been following me long enough you'll know I have a long ongoing battle with my boobs! 

Being a very ample bossomed girl has been torture for years. People always telling me how lucky I was to have 'massive boobs' and how they wished they had boobs like mine, god, honestly, if I had a pound for everytime I heard that I'd be a billionaire! In the back of my head I'd always be thinking to myself '..if you really want boobs like these, that no lingerie company wants to support, by all means, have them!'.

It wasn't until about a year to 18 months ago that I finally discovered bras that actually fit me properly. Oh the joy that moment I put on my first Panache Sculptresse bra and felt the weight literally lift from my shoulders, after that moment I was sold, Panache had me forever! I reviewed a beautiful bra called 'Bellise' last year in this review, my only issue at the time was the band roll I was getting from it, however, then came along the Rosie Full Cup...

Panache Sculptresse Rosie Full Cup Bra Blue Floral & Rosie Full Brief Blue Floral c/o My Curves & Me

My Curves & Me were kind enough to send me a Rosie Full Cup in Blue Floral matching set to review. I asked for a 46G in the bra and also a UK size 26 in the undies. 

Again I knew the knickers wouldn't fit, which is my only fail for Sculptresse, their bras are amazing and fit us very large ladies well, however they haven't yet caught on to the idea of making their knickers bigger so we can actually have a matching set. My size 30 bum just wouldn't fit comfortably in these unfortunately, so I can only show you them on my bedroom floor *ohhhh errrr!* ;)

The bra though? Perfect! Supportive, comfortable, pretty and most importantly made to last! Like I always say with lingerie/bra reviews, I'm no expert however the central gore sits nicely on my rib cage, the band fits snugly around my bust with no ride up and sits flat and firm all the way around and the cups keep everything in with no double or mono boob effect! 

 Wearing the Panache Sculptresse Rosie in a 46G

As far as everyday, comfy bras for larger boobs are concerned, Sculptresse has nailed it for me. I no longer have skin so badly rubbed and scarred from poorly fitted bras, I no longer have to tug at back bands to pull them down or cups to push everything back in where it should be, I'm properly supported and that is the best feeling EVER! Thank you Sculptresse (just start making your knickers bigger!) and thank you My Curves & Me for this lovely item!

Also, the guys over at My Curves & Me are running a campaign called #BodyBeautiful and I personally love them a little bit for it...

'Our #bodybeautiful campaign promotes beauty at EVERY size – whether you are curvy, skinny, short, tall or anything in between. We’re sick of seeing people attack another body shape or size to favour another – you are all women, you are all real and you are all beautiful!'

To get involved tweet them @mycurvesandme with the hashtag #BodyBeautiful with your picture holding up a #BodyBeautiful sign and they'll include you on their wall of fame for a chance to win a £50 voucher! You can also enter via their Facebook page or email them with your entry. Here's mine...

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