June Beauty Buys: St Ives, Wilkinson Sword & Natural Collection

Hey Beauts!

So it's time for my little beauty buys post. 

I'm currently feeling a little bit run down with a horrid sore throat, cough and cold, don't feel sorry for me though I reckon it's all self inflicted after a crazy few days over last weekend and a very busy week at work. So in an effort to pick myself up I spent some time over the weekend pampering, preening and just trying to make myself feel good again. You know when you hit that point where you just feel gross? Well I hit that and having the weekend off to spend some time on me couldn't have been more welcome!

I had a good old lie in, a relax in my PJ's until midday with a cuppa tea and then I hit the shower to get myself squeaky clean and polished up. What did I take in with me to get buffed and beautified? A St Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub and a Wilkinson Sword Intuition Pomegranite Razor (amongst my other lotions and potions!). 

St Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub - £3.99 Superdrug

First up is this St Ives Apricot Scrub in 'Invigorating'. This is a facial scrub and I did give it a try on my face, however I'm not going to lie to you I ended up finding I got better results with it on the rest of my body. For me, I found the beads in this scrub a little too chunky (I dunno if that's the best word) for my skin. I think I'm so in love with my Soap & Glory Greatest Scrub of All with it's really fine beads that anything with a denser grit or bead ends up making my skin feel overworked and a bit red.  

However, I gave this a lather and good scrub on my legs and I really loved how it went to work getting me all polished up. The scent is fresh without being overbearing and the actual product glides on and washes away without leaving any kind of residue, by the end of using it my skin instantly felt soft and sparkly. Combined with this Wilkinson Sword Intuition Razor I've literally ended up with super soft, shiny pins (not sure you can really call my stumpy legs pins, but whatevs!). 

I'm a new big fan to these razors. Their blades are surrounded by soap meaning you don't require a separate shaving gel or soap, you can literally go straight to leg with razor. Amazing right? Cuts out a whole load of messing about! Perfect for holiday suitcases as reduces the need to take another bulky aerosol bottle or product. I've found in the past most soaps or shave gels have left my skin looking dry afterwards but the soap head that comes along with these really does leave your skin feeling hydrated and full of moisture. I really am impressed! This one is the 'Pomegranite' which you can grab over at Chemist Direct for £6.49.

My Shiny, shiny, chunky legs! 'Scuse the paleness and my weird freckles!
Leopeard Print Peeptoes - Primark

...and last up is a product I can't believe I haven't told you about before. It's probably one of my absolute favourite beauty buys as it's something I'm NEVER without! My Natural Collection Vanilla  Body Spray from Boots always gets talked about whenever I spray it. I think it's pretty much my signature scent. A spritz on freshly showered skin envelopes you in a sugary sweet vanilla mist and there's always one in my handbag for a quick spray on the go for when I feel the need to freshen up a bit. It's not currently on the Boots website to by singularly but there is a set that includes it but it also has a group of sister products, a moisturiser, a shower gel (which is beautiful) and a body scrub! It's always on the shelves in store though and usually has a 3 for 2 offer on it so I'm always sure to stock up. If you like sugary, sweet, ultra girly scents then you will love this! 

Boots Natural Collection Vanilla Body Spray - £2

Funny story...

When I used to work as a nursery nurse, after spray this on myself one afternoon, one of the children I was working with turned to me and said 'Miss Griffiths, you smell like ice cream.' and licked me! 
Fo' realz, that's how good it is!

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