May Beauty Buys: Vaseline and Soap & Glory


So, I thought I'd post something a little different. I know a huge majority of my posts are fashion based, however I am a MASSIVE beauty junkie (no pun intended). I buy a hell of a lot of beauty products and every month there's usually something new in my beauty inventory that I either end up loving, loathing or just being a bit 'meh' about. Like most of us British women I'm a sucker for a good recommendation or a product that lays huge claims of wonderment so hell, it's time to share my thoughts on some of the things I buy.

This month seems as though we've started getting a little bit of warmer British weather and if like me you've had to make an effort to get your bare legs out and show off some more skin I thought I'd show you two products that have been a huge help in getting me feeling summer skin sexy, Vaseline Spray & Go body moisturiser in 'cocoa radiant' and Soap & Glory Greatest Scrub of All. Both products were on offer when I bagged them which is great as they are both totally new products that I've never used before so it's nice not to have to shell out full whack.

First up Soap & Glory's The Greatest Scrub of All! I'm a massive S&G fan, from their quirky packaging, to their fantastic scents, to a whole host of natural ingredients used in a lot of their products and last but not least their ability to do exactly what they say on the tin, I've very rarely ever been let down by a S&G product. 

This 'Instant Radiance Foaming Facial Polish' is exactly that. An exfoliator packed with really fine beads to gently lift any dry skin and help clear blackhead blocked pores, suitable for all skin types. Unlike other exfoliating products I've used I found this one really gentle and didn't leave my skin feeling sore from scrubbing with hefty granules. It is very lightly scented with an almost minty tingle which I felt left my skin feeling refreshed and really polished. 

I have been using this after I've removed my makeup with their Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk and it's a great duo, I wish I'd got some pics of after I've used it because I'm always really impressed with how soft and glowy my skin feels after a work out with these two. 

I picked up this little gem for £6 on offer whilst Boots currently has a third off, but for a product like this for under a tenner, even when at full price, I'll defintely be returning to it when I'm running on empty, which may be a while as I find a little bit goes a long way.

Second up is a new offering on the market from Vaseline. Their Spray & Go Moisturiser range claims that it 'moisturises in seconds so you can put your clothes straight on.' Now, I don't know if you know this about me, but I'm always looking for an easier way of doing anything. Moisturising is a pretty easy task, but if it can be made easier than I'm the first to jump on that bandwagon and give it a whirl and this product has certainly done that...

As I'm mixed race and have slightly darker tone to my skin, it's really obvious when I haven't moisturised after showering or shaving etc as the white, dry skin marks show up instantly. I usually use Soap & Glory's Righteous Butter to moisturise my arms and legs as the scent is glorious but as it's so thick I do find it takes a while for it to properly soak in. 

Vaseline's Spray & Go is brilliant!!! A really nice thick, non greasy moisturiser with a light cocoa scent which isn't over the top which is sprayed on, rubbed in and makes you all shiny in an instant! The aerosal is also cleverly designed so that you can hold it upside down to spray the backs of legs and arms without it clogging up and breaking on you! Perfect! The non greasiness is also a massive plus as I wasn't worried about my hands being left with a nasty residue afterwards. Currently on offer in Boots for £3.99 (will be £4.99) full price I will also be returning to this little beauty of a moisturiser. A good holiday suitcase item as the can will keep it from splurging out all over your stuff on it's travels! 

So those are my beauty picks for this month, two little items for under £10 and under £5 which will keep your skin happy and prepped for summer!

Vaseline Spray & Go & Soap & Glory's Greatest Scrub of All both from Boots!

Anyway, will you be giving either of them a try? What do you think about more beauty posts on Diamonds n Pearls? Ccomment, tweet or get in touch to let me know!

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