On The Up?: Rogers & Rogers for Matalan

Afternoon My Loves!
How are you all? I'm not gonna lie I'm bored senseless! I've had two weekends of absolute nothing to do. When they're quiet like this  I just don't know how to deal with it. I shouldn't complain I'm usually a right old busy bee and I suppose the quiet times also mean I've saved pennies for some busy weekends ahead. I'm just not good with having not a lot to do. So this afternoon I finally took some outfit pictures that I've been meaning to put together for a week or so.
I was contacted very recently by Matalan who wanted to tell me all about their refreshed plus size clothing range Rogers & Rogers. The range has been around for years and like many plus size clothing ranges it's definitely had it's ups and downs. The range runs from a UK size 18 right up to a size 30 which is great for us on the higher end of plus size.
Funnily enough  I'd only been in Matalan a few weeks before and was really surprised to see some fabulous pieces in store from their Rogers &  Rogers collection which I wasted no time in picking up. So when they asked if they could send me another piece to try out too I felt even more spoilt for choice and now have lots of Rogers &  Rogers goodies in my wardrobe that I'm pleased as punch with.
I chose the Floral Print Dress from them to review as this hadn't been in store when I'd visited (if it had I'd have definitely bought it too!). It's a very pretty chiffon number which I've been wearing with a bright yellow cardigan that I had from Simply Be about a year ago, I think the yellow really makes this dress pop, whaddya think...
Floral Print Dress - Rogers & Rogers
Yellow Cardigan - Simply Be
Cut Out Boots - Internacionale
Black XceptionelleTights - Yours Clothing
From the splurge I'd had in store I'd also picked up a really comfy pair of black jeggings which you can see in this post here, a perfect pair of work trousers which don't seem to be on the website just yet and also, my favourite piece from their current collection the Daisy Print Skater Dress. Daisy prints are big this season and I've seen a few plus size retailers have a daisy print or two in stock but when I saw this one in Rogers & Rogers it was definitely my fave and it had to come home with me.... 
Daisy Print Skater Dress - Rogers & Rogers
Black Xceptionelle Tights - Yours Clothing
Nude Kitten Heels - Internacionale
My biggest pro for the Rogers & Rogers range is the price versus quality. Nothing in the range is currently over £20 and that Daisy Print Skater dress above is only £16 (I know!!!) but I can't emphasise enough how the quality of the items hasn't been compromised in order to keep the price down. I've paid much more for dresses where the quality is no where near as good as these items. So if you're on a budget and want items that are going to last then I'd definitely recommend Rogers & Rogers. As I'm currently looking at the collection online they've added some more great items including an Oversize Lurex Jumper which I'm about to pop in my basket before all the larger sizes disappear. I'm wearing a size 30 in both of these dresses and the fit is perfect, nothing feels snug and everything feels just right so another bonus point for their fit.
I'm really pleased to see this range on the up. Matalans main ranges are spot on so fingers crossed some of that magic will trickle into Rogers & Rogers. There really is so much potential for this range to be fantastic, come on Matalan you can do it!!!!

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