Dressing Up from Dressing Down: Outfit

Hi Lovies!

Got an outfit to show you this evening, well actually two outfits. 

I'm very fond of really super casual, really easy to wear outfits at the moment. Sweaters/jumpers are my new love. I've bought a couple from Yours Clothing recently which I'll definitely be showing you very soon but I finally got to wear a soft pastel pink one a few days ago that I picked up from ASOS Curve in their sale quite some time ago. 

It's been sitting sadly in my drawer for ages and I was considering getting rid of it, however over the last few days I've slowly seen more and more plugs Spring/Summer soft pastel coloured items seeping out of every other retailer. Inspired by this and the up and coming season (fingers crossed it's sunny and bright) I thought I'd finally give my ASOS Curve jumper some life. 

I originally paired it with a pair of jersey peg leg bottoms, a blazer and my Converse and looked a bit like this...
Later on, I was invited out for some impromptu drinks with friends, I couldn't be bothered to get completely dressed and all done up again so I thought of ways I could switch up what I was already wearing. I swapped my Converse for some nude kitten heels and my usual big black H&M practical handbag for a grey fluffy number and VOILA, I was all ready in an instant and looked like this...

 Pink Jumper - ASOS Curve (last season)
Black Jersey Peg Leg Trousers - ASOS Curve (Still available)
Grey Boyfriend Blazer - C/O New Look Inspire (Similar availabe and up to a UK size 32!)
Fluffy Handbag - Local Market
Nude Kitten Heels - Internacionale (old)
Converse - via ASOS (Similar here)
Necklace - Dorothy Perkins (last season)

Just a change of a few items and a totally different outfit, god bless accessories! I must learn to do this more, I'm terrible for just buying new clothing pieces instead of thinking about mixing items with new jewellery or shoes. 

It's not like me to be in trousers, I really like the outfit but it's so strange seeing me in a 'dressed up' outfit that's not a dress!

What do you think?


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