Now Let's Slip Into Something A Little More Comfortable: Plus Size Onesie!

I never, ever thought I'd see the day I wore a onesie! When they first appeared on the scene I was like 'WTF', but after a while I started to become curious about them and their mystical cosy comfort. I scoured the t'interweb for one but struggled to find one that would fit my super fatty frame.
Yours Clothing saved the day again! When I clapped eyes on this fleecy, leopard print number it was love at first sight. I got mine in a UK size 34-36, yep Yours do selected items up to a size 36 and this means I've got bags of room to enjoy it's snuggly, comfy, slouchyness, just perfect for lazy days! I also had an amazing nights sleep wearing this, it was like going to bed wearing a cuddle, perfect single girl attire when you're without a big spoon, valentines gift to yourself maybe? Haha!

Leopard Print Onesie - £25 Yours Clothing
I know, they're hardly the most flattering of items but when was a onesie every meant to be 'flattering'? My only gripe with the thing is the zip, it stops just at mid tummy level and on a larger body I think it'd be so much easier to wear if the zip was longer so it skipped over the tummy making it easier to slip in and out of.  Not so great when you're dying for the loo in the middle of the night and have to wriggle your bum and belly out of it first, don't worry though, no accidents occurred.

If you're still feeling the wintery chill and fancy yourself the fat leopard look (don't worry they have lots of other designs too) then go check out the range of onesies Yours have in stock at the moment, the majority of them all available up to a size 36! 

Don't forget, as usual, you can use my special code 'BLOGGER1' for £10 off a £20 spend*! 


*New accounts and full priced items only

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