It's Begining To Look A Lot Like...

Evenin' Loves!

I'm just dropping in to post something that I think is terribly helpful and important this time of year after seeing Mrs Beebs mention it also in her latest post.

This festive period can be a total joy for most, but for some it's an absolute curse and not everyone is having, or will have the best time. Tis' the season to be jolly, but it can also be the season of a terrible amount of pressure and stress on so many who needn't suffer in silence. 

I myself am not celebrating this year due to a plethora of personal ongoing problems so I can in some instances empathise with the incredible amount of stress this season can bring along with it. 

For any of you who feel you may need a helping hand, an ear to listen and a bit of support, please check out this wonderful post put together by Sian of Sort Life Out: Buy Milk. It's a great resource for anyone who may be in need and I'm so pleased people like Sian and Mrs Beebs ensure issues like this are highlighted. In the past I was totally ignorant of the strains the festive period can bring but I suppose it's only in times of need ourselves do we seek reassurance and resource.

Happy Holidays one and all and my love for a happy, prosperous 2014


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