Christmas Party Stereotypes: Curvissa

Hey Loves!

Nearly the big C-day! Are you all prepped? Still lots of parties to be had? Maybe you've still got your work or office party? 

As you're all very aware I am a massive party girl (no pun intended), there's nothing I love more than getting myself ultra glammed up and off out for a glass of vino or 5, so this season is my absolute fave with lots of parties to go to, drinks to be drunk and hangovers to be had. So, when the guys over at Curvissa sent me a little bit of research about Christmas Party Stereotypes I had to chuckle to myself because I knew which one I was instantly, can you guess? 

 The over-dresser
Someone misinterpreted the dress-code… awkward! She’ll be wearing an extravagant style prom dress, too much fake tan, festive nails and overly high heels; probably not the best code of conduct if your office do is in the local bowling alley.

Yep, that's me, The Over-Dresser! I actually found this quite funny because according to the survey results that came along with this,

'The West Midlands host the quickest dressers with a whopping 37% of UK adults able to get ready in under half an hour or less for an office Christmas party'

No? Really? I take at least a good hour and a half to 2 hours getting myself ready! Midlanders, what kind of rep are you giving us? Ha!

Another little fact that came up in the poll is something I definitely related to, apparently 67% of women pay attention to what others are wearing. I am certainly always checking out how everyone else is dressed, I love seeing what other women are wearing and finding out new little gems for me to scope out and shop for myself! So, what party pieces would turn my head if you turned up to the office party girls? Well...

 ...this Tiered Party Dress with it's 1920's Great Gatsby-esque look definitely would...

...and these Chunky Heel Court Shoes? Yeh, ladies if you turned up in these I'd definitely be checking out your outfit!
So, which stereotype are you? And, what could I wear that would turn your head at the party m'dears? I do love a 'WOW' outfit!


*This post is in collaboration with Curvissa, all opinions are my own

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