Plus London Three: The Memories, Outfits and Fun Times


Another year, another Plus London over with. It flew by so quickly that I feel like I blinked and it disappeared. For me, events like this are about being able to catch up with a community of people that I love, whom I ordinarily don't encounter in my day to day life. It was sooooooo good to catch up with old friends and meet new ones and I can't thank the organisers of events like this enough for the way it brings us all together. For whatever reason you blog, or are into plus size fashion there is something at an event like this for everyone!

The main thing for me is that these things exist, that ordinary people take the time, effort and care to pull an event like this together whilst balancing their own lives, jobs and time. For that, ladies, I thank you. I've attended three years of Plus London fabulousness now and every time I walk away with a big fat, fabulous smile on my face, a renewed sense of confidence, inspiration and appreciation of being part of such a positive, uplifting community. 

Here are the gorgeous girls who put it all together, I had to swipe this photo from the awesome Blast Photo guys because it just makes me smile everytime I look at it...

Claire, Isha, Michelle & Lauren the PL3 Team

I chatted, I danced, I drank, I wore beautiful clothes, I bought beautiful things and I've walked away with some more fun memories (and a few lost ones after those chub rub shots!)...

Here are LOADS of snaps and outfits and things of my weekend (I couldn't narrow it down).... 

 Butterfly Kimono - Collection by Evans (Past season)
Black Tee - ASOS Curve
Jeggings - New Look Inspire
Boots - New Look
Bag - H&M (Past season)

 Simply Be Glam @ All Times!

Portrait by ClymDraws

 Hat Selfies at the Simply Be Stand

 Fabulous new purchase from Black Heart Creatives (Thanks Charlotte!)

Me & Mrs Bebe (Sorry Beebs but I love your mush on this pic! Ha!)

 Everyone needs a bosom for a pillow! It was all a bit much for Laura!


Black Velvet Dress - ASOS Curve (sold out)
Necklace - Primark
Black Lace Tights - Miss Difusa

Myself, Rikke & Danielle

 I had the best time and I can only hope that these events continue!


 *Photo credits to Blast Photo & Sticky Sweet Danish with thanks*

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