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Evenin' Loves!

I've been meaning to post about this dress for ages but I wanted to leave it a little closer to the festive period as I thought it may provide a bit of Chrimbo outfit inspo for a few of you. I know I've personally been a bit bored of looking around the same handful of places for plus size party dresses so having a new little place to add to your list is always good, yeh?

So, Grace came off the back of the Wedge Welly company (which was put together by Theo Paphitis and Dragons’ Den) following the success of their WedgeWelly Curve collection, in addition to inspirational feedback received from a customer. They currently have a small capsule collection of dresses all based around the idea of dressing for your shape. Now I know, that's not something I technically believe in as I'll always be the first person to tell anyone wear what the hell you like, but I do appreciate that not everybody is at the same stage of loving their body and sometimes you do just need something that makes you feel amazing. 

The Grace site does have a clever little shape calculator on their website where you pop in your measurements and it advises you of your body shape and lets you search it's dresses on the site by your body shape. After inputting my measurements one of the styles suggested for my 'Triangular' shape was a lovely lace tunic dress named 'Adele'.

Adele Lace Tunic Dress - Grace UK
Sizes 14-32

Now, since me and Adele got together in August we've had some fabulous times and we've been bosom buddies! However, we've had so much fun I haven't had chance to pose for proper outfit pics so I've just got a quick selection of 'action' shots, which actually, I think is better as you can see how comfortable the two of us have been together.

First we went to Plus North together and had dinner with lots of fabulous fat babes...

Then we went for Birthday fancy dress shenanigans together in Butlins In Skegness! Foxy Tiger...

Me and Adele? I think it's love!

I'm wearing Adele in a size 32, the tunic has lots of stretch and plenty of room for boobs, bums and large tums and still hugs all the curves in the right places, for the price point the fabric is great too and not the type of lace that snags on every little thing leaving it pulled and ruined after one wear. The tunic is fully lined so no worry if it being see through and is heavy enough so it hangs beautifully but not so heavy you won't want to wear it in warmer months. A timeless piece to keep in your wardrobe for ages.

Grace is also stocked over at Marisota so you can browse the collection whilst checking out other fab fashions so go and check them out there too.

Like I said, their 'slimming' ethos may not be for everyone but who can turn their nose up at another plus size collection being offered to us? I can't!


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