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Evenin' Loves!

So, I'm handing the outfit posing over to someone else for a change. A few weeks ago I was contacted by the guys over at Taking Shape to see if I'd like to give a few of their items a try. I would have honestly loved to, but as their range only goes up to a UK size 26 I had to politely decline as I didn't think they would have anything that would fit me. However, someone in my household was lurking around me whilst I was checking out the items on their site and expressed their interest in a few of their pieces. Who was this mysterious person I hear you all cry? Well, only Mamma Diamonds n Pearls! 

My glamtastic mommy has been playfully poking fun at wanting to star on the blog for ages, so, I called her bluff and asked the lovelies over at Taking Shape if they'd be willing to kit my perfectly plus sized mother out instead of me and what do you know, they did! Haha! (Thanks guys!).

Taking Shape are relatively new to the UK and whilst I do personally feel some of their items are aimed at a more mature audience than me, it's always great to see a new plus sized retailer not only hit our shores but also hit our high street! Yep, that's right, Taking Shape have opened UK stores! Fantastic news as far as I'm concerned, choice on the high street is extremely limited and it's great to see that angle tackled by the brand. 

Anyway, so, what did my mom choose? She went totally out of her comfort zone bless her and went for a dress and leggings! My mom only ever wears jeans and t-shirts, seriously that's it! So when she chose a red knitted dress and a pair of leggings I nearly died, but she looked fabulous in them and she loves them...

Trying to perfect her 'blogger pose'

 Marcelle Dress - Taking Shape (XL)
Integra Full Length Legging - Taking Shape (L)
Biker Jacket - New Look
Boots - Dorothy Perkins

Look at her being all blogger! Now, my mom is usually a UK size 22 so we ordered items which were for her size, but the first thing to note with Taking Shape is that they do seem to be very generous with sizing. So much so that I tried the knitted dress on when it arrived and although it was a bit more of a snug fit, I could wear it easily as a long jumper and I'm a size 30! So now I'm a bit disgruntled as I could have actually had a few items for myself but, it was nice to let mamma have a treat. Secondly, my mom notoriously HATES leggings, but the Integra leggings are such good quality even she was surprised at how much she loved them. They almost have a sheen to them and are more like really thick footless tights without the opaqueness of wearing tights. I think she's now a leggings convert and she will definitely be shopping with Taking Shape again! So this has been a great find for her and me!

What do you think? Have you shopped with Taking Shape yet? 


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