Shame On You Yahoo

Evenin' Loves!

You know what, as you know, I don't do ranty posts very often...

However, something really made my piss fizz this afternoon whilst browsing the t'interwebz. I had to log onto Yahoo for whatever reason and something caught my eye...

'Kate shows off toned tummy during outing'

Really Yahoo? Are we really going there? Why do we continue to scrutinize women like this? It's absolutely disgusting! Not only because this totally disregards the fact she's just given birth and been spending her time being a mother which is more important than anything else, but the fact that it completely undermines her worth, her worth is apparently all about her size? If she'd have come out carrying an extra stone or so with her hair scraped back and wearing no makeup, why should we give a fuck? She's fucking allowed! It doesn't make her any less of a person because she didn't snap back into shape immediately after she had a baby. 

The pressure that is put on women to look amazing, be a certain weight, wear a certain dress size appalls me. Why aren't we allowed to be worth more than this? Why? The whole row of those headlines on that image above just totally undermines women, if we aren't consumed with weight loss, diets, looking younger, being the best dressed then we're nothing apparently. 

Well fuck you Yahoo, seriously fuck you! This constant undermining of women and their worth measured by their image is everything I aspire to conspire against! Don't get me wrong, I like to make an effort but I sure as shit will not be made to believe that my worth is measured by how flat my fucking stomach is. I will never understand why we're constantly tortured by headlines like this? Don't ever let them bring you down ladies!


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