Live Unlimited: Blogger Afternoon

Hey Beauties!

So another post! I'm on a roll! 

Last Thursday, I headed down to London in a bit of a wine haze after birthday wine to pop along to the Live Unlimited Blogger afternoon at their head office in Camden. 

I have to admit, apart from Plus North recently I haven't really been in attendance at many blogger type things. Mainly because of work, expense and also due to my recent confidence slump but I'm back and I really wanted to go along to Live Unlimited and see what they had to say and show us. 

Live Unlimited appeared in Evans not so long back and I for one was definitely thrilled to see them arrive. I love their use of digital prints, unusual cuts, blasts of colour but most of all their fearless but thoughtful approach to taking on pieces that Evans wouldn't usually have swinging on their rails. It was great to get to see old pieces and new ones which are now currently waiting to be snapped up, here are a few of my faves...

Charcoal Ponte Biker Jacket - Firm fave amongst all of us in attendance, I need this jacket!

Black PU Trim Skirt - Sally at LU's heart went into this, please buy it for her! 

Cream Furry Gilet - Such a beautiful piece for the price. I usually hate gilet's but I really loved this!

Sequin Chiffon Overlay Dress - This isn't available yet but I think it's a fantastic Christmas party piece!

We had a fantastic few hours discussing what we liked, don't like, want to see more of, want to see less of, eating cake, drinking wine and generally just getting down to the bare bones of what makes us plus sizers tick. The team gave us full license to put it all out there and be very honest giving them ideas about what we want for coming seasons and letting them into the silly little things we love, like pockets! How many of us rave about having pockets on a dress? Simple little luxuries that aren't usually afforded to plus size fashion that make a world of difference.

I was also really intrigued to find out that Cover Up Clothing who coined the Live Unlimited brain child are also responsible for filling the rails of Wallis and putting together the Evans 'Collection' range where one of my favourite wardrobe items came from, my butterfly kimono seen in this post here! If they can produce beautiful, long standing pieces like this, I have no doubt they will be around for quite some time, I wear this kimono to death...

(I may or may not have cheekily suggested that they make another one)

Getting to catch up with some of my fave blogger babes is also a bonus at these things, I got to see Hanna, Becky and also Claire who I haven't seen for ages and got to have a good gossip with (I'll do a seperate outfit post)...

The girls at Live Unlimited are fantastic, down to earth, understanding and actually care about what they are putting out there which is admirable, they don't pretend that they have every plus size clothing wish ready and waiting for production but they are working damn hard to ensure they are listening to us to try and deliver us affordable, quality pieces and I can't wait to see what they bring us in the future!

Thanks so much for having me along guys!


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