Gelly Hi Shine Polish: Barry M

Hey Lovey's!

I don't post about beauty products half as much as I use them but when something is really good I feel I HAVE to share it with you.

I'd heard from various different people about Barry M's new Gelly Hi-Shine polish and everyone who had mentioned it had subsequently raved about it. Now, I'm not crazy about nails but I do like a slick of colour every now and then so when I'd caught wind of these polishes I thought it only fair and right to treat myself to one and give it a try.

So, one polish turned into three (whoops!) I couldn't resist the really pretty colours, I'm such a sucker! Barry M describes this polish as 'Hi shine Gel effect Nail Paint provides an extra glossy finish' and that is exactly spot on, just throw in the fact that it dries super quickly without the worry of that horrid clumpy, ruined polish feeling if you catch a nail shortly after you've painted them then I am a fan!

I've had Gelux and Shellac nails in the past and although I'm sure this polish won't last as long as those techniques as far as I'm concerned it gives a relatively similar finish. 

The shades I've purchased so far are 'Pomegranate - 325', 'Blue Grape - 327' and 'Dragon Fruit - 328'. 

Pomegranate - 325

Blue Grape - 327

Dragon Fruit - 328

I'm quite fond of the 'painting the index finger nail a different colour to the rest' trend at the moment so for this look on my first attempt with the polish I've used 'Dragon Fruit' and 'Blue Grape'. 

In order to get the colour strength that I wanted I did have to use at least 2 coats on the 'Blue Grape' and 2-3 coats on the 'Dragon Fruit' which I don't mind, I find that's quite standard for most polishes I've ever used, but I really do love the depth of colour these polishes give. Really can't wait to test out the 'Pomegranate'.

If you like glam, bold, vibrant coloured polish then for £3.99 I'd definitely give these a try, I don't think you'll be disappointed, I shall definitely be buying a few of the other shades.


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