Sunday Swimwear: Personal Pep Talk

I love when this blog is about the things I always wanted it to be about.

Granted, I love fashion, I love clothes, I love dressing up, but realistically I'm no 'style' blogger. I leave that to the big, fat, style guns like Bethany, Amy and Danielle

What I do hope that this blog will always be about is confidence, acceptance and empowerment. Don't get me wrong, I love a blogger event, or a gifted dress, but what I really love is inspiration, having a big fat voice in a society that expects us to put up and shut up. Whilst I don't always have lots to say, I do always hope that you guys will find some kind of solace over here. A place where you can join in and understand. Especially those of us on the upper end of plus size who tend to be even more isolated from fashion and having any kind of identity in societies eyes. If this blog brings a little comfort and confidence to just one woman who otherwise didn't believe in herself then as far as I am concerned, my work here is done. 

By all means, as you all know, I'm no super human. I have my own fears and boundaries and niggles with my body that I'm not so confident about. For example, yesterday I posted about my chubby knees and my fear of them being out on show. Today? Another fear conquered that I've harboured for around a year or so. I haven't worn a swimsuit in a year, that's it, it's out there. 

Yep, I kinda dug myself into this funk where I was terrified of wearing any kind of bathing suit. I was hell bent on finding something so perfect that it would be some miraculous quick fix to everything. Guess what? I never found that quick fix suit. What I did find though? Some confidence and a lot of 'I don't give a fuck'. 

I had this swimsuit from Evans well over a year ago. Other than the bust being not supportive enough for a 46G rack (I'm wearing a seperate bikini top underneath it to keep the girls looking decent) this suit is lovely. I bought it, loved it and guess what, never wore it, why? Because I was worried and conscious of my VBO (visible belly outline), tummy hang, whatever you want to call it. We had our little inflatable pool out in the garden today, so it was perfect opportunity to shake off those fears and put on my bathing suit!

Polka Dot Swimsuit - Evans 
Chiffon Maxi Skirt - Yours Clothing
Sunglasses - Domino Dollhouse

...there you have it! A big, fat Naomi in a swimsuit! I then got so confident I even got my mom to snap a few posing ones in the garden, wearing my new Yours Clothing skirt (which I'll be blogging about very soon).

With the recent 'fatkini' revolution I thought it only right that I show a bit more flesh and finally bare some swimwear on this blog! Whilst I don't own and don't think I'll be owning a full on bikini anytime soon, I'm at least sporting some cute swimwear that I'm comfortable, happy and confident in. Oh I also tried this little swimdress on a few months ago in Evans Marble Arch, which I also have ready to wear, this one is very modest, but I still love the cut, again though, I do have to wear a bikini top underneath to keep the boobies in place!

Swimdress - £28 Evans 

Get your swimwear out girls and get out there! Forget those fears and enjoy yourself and your body!


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