How To Use Proper Punctuation: Outfit

I've been bad...

I promised myself I wouldn't leave the house today until I had tidied away the mountain of clothes that have been sitting in a mammoth mess in my washing basket for about two weeks; however it was sunny and I've bought some new cool as fuck earrings and I wanted to show them off, I mean look at 'em...

I was just popping out for a drink and catch up with my Claire face friend so I opted for casual and comfy and wore my black jersey maxi dress. Now, I love a basic maxi dress, you can literally wear it a gazillion ways! Dress it up, dress it down, whatever you want! This dress is new but I actually had the same one a couple of years ago but wore it to death, so when I saw that New Look Inspire had bought it back out I jumped on it. They also have it in a lovely green colour and bright pink but they've flown out of stock in my size pretty quickly *sigh*.

Black Maxi Dress - New Look Inspire
Grey Boyfriend Blazer - New Look Inspire
Earrings - New Look
Leopard Print Scarf - Ebay
White Pumps - H&M

The blazer was actually gifted to me by the New Look Inspire team when I went down to their headquarters in London last month to play dress up as one of their fit models. Which brings me onto my next point, New Look Inspire now has pieces (a few but it's a start) that go all the way up to a size 32! I know it's a small offering but I know the team are definitely looking to expand the larger sized options over time. There will mainly be basic pieces offering int he 30-32 size bracket for a while but hang in there my super, chunky chicks, It's getting a little better for us! 


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