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Evenin' Loves!
So, I haven't properly mentioned it before, but this month I promised myself a  shopping ban on new clothes. 

After receiving an obscenely huge parcel from ASOS Curve last month, I took at a look at the hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pile of clothes all lifelessly dwelling in the corner of my room longing to be worn, and, I actually felt a real guilt.

I've allowed myself a couple of purchases but they have been of shoes and accessories only! I also have some gift vouchers in my purse ready to grab a couple of pieces from the up and coming launch of the new Clements & Ribeiro, Swan Collection for Evans but as far as clothes are concerned, out of my own money I've bought absolutely nothing new! I've actually really enjoyed it though, it's made me become a little bit more creative with the items I already own and I've also spent my on things I usually pass on because I've overspent on filling my wardrobe to bursting again. I've manage to bag tickets for lots of fun times going to concerts and shows, including much coveted Disclosure and Rudimental tickets, CAN NOT WAIT!.

It's little over a week to go until my next payday and tonight I think I've finally started to crack, what did it? A quick glimpse over at ASOS Curve, a peek at New Look Inspire, a rummage through Simply Be and a curious meander around Yours Clothing. I've spied some awesome items, so instead of just going cold turkey, shutting down my internet connection and rocking back and forth on my bed lusting after them, I thought I'd just share them with you guys instead, so, here is my currently coveting list....

 Cartoon Print Skater Skirt - £16.99 New Look Inspire

Pink Chiffon Skirt - £19.99 New Look Inspire

 Aztec Print Maxi - £32 Yours Clothing

Super Cute Simply Be Scalloped Shorts - £28-£30

Mexican Floral Print Dress - £25 ASOS Curve
And finally, hello smoking hot leather panel dress, yet again ASOS Curve nails it!  

Colour Block Leather Panel Dress - £40.00

Somebody please buy them for me? Or at least buy them for yourself so I can vicariously live through your wardrobe! *Sigh*

Right, I'm off to bed to sulk, but I feel better for sharing!


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