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Over the last couple of weeks, due to my mega skintness I've been pulling out some of my beloved dresses and clothes to send off to new homes where they can be loved and appreciated just as they deserve to be. 

Sometimes it's really hard to let go, last week I finally bit the bullet and sold my much coveted Beth Ditto for Evans Domino Dress. When I bought it I told myself I would never let it leave me but I just felt so bad seeing it thrown to the back of my wardrobe, especially as this season has exploded with bodycon dresses, that I knew it was time to let it be loved by someone who will truly treasure it. 

 Farewell my beautiful Beth dress...

Whilst there will always be some items that will be snapped up for pretty much the price you paid for them and are no trouble finding new homes for, I can guarantee that if you're anything like me you will have a bunch of items sat in your wardrobe which aren't really worth spending loads of time uploading and adding listings to auction websites, but still have enough value for you to not want to dump them off at the charity shop.

Cue clothes recycling at Music Magpie! I know, it sounds absurd, right? They're the guys that just buy your old 'Now That's What I Call Music 35' album that you begged your mom for just so you could bounce around in your latest Spice Girls themed hairstyle, but honestly, stay with me.....

Music Magpie have now added a function where you can get cash for your old, unwanted clothes too! I had a nosy through the site and was impressed. You select the brand, then the item, click a few other drop downs and voila, you're given a price for your old dress. I'm not gonna lie to you, they aren't offering mega bucks but if you've got a bag full of items that you just need to get rid of quickly, then it's a great way to make a few quid quickly and easily.

So ladies (and any gents out there reading) it's definitely worth checking out!

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