Lace Me Up: Corsets UK

So my loves!

This post is gonna be very picture heavy with a lot of cleavage and ridiculous posing (nothing new there then aye!), I'm nervous and a little excited...

The guys over at Corsets UK contacted me back in April and asked if I'd like to review one of their plus size corsets. If I'm honest, I've never, ever worn a corset before, I've eyed them up as I've always been interested to give one a go but I've never taken the plunge and actually bought one. 

My first thoughts were that they wouldn't have one in their selection that would fit me, but, I spotted the Black Halterneck Corset which claimed to accommodate up to a 52-53 inch waist. I was dubious that it actually would fit me but Ben from Corsets UK assured me that it would be fine.

My corset arrived and I was seriously impressed, so well made and very sturdy. One of my biggest concerns was that it would have those flimsy plastic bones which wouldn't last two minutes with the weight of my ample frame but this was very impressive. 

This evening finally got my mom to lace me up in it and I got a little bit snap happy. I had an instant burst of serious sex appeal, teamed with a slick of red lippy and I felt full on vamp! 

So, I suppose you want a butchers at it? Cue yet again, a lot of cleavage and a lot of 'Myspace-esque' poses...

Here's the 'you look like a massive knob Naomi' section...

 Black Halterneck Corset - £60 Corsets UK

My only criticism of this item is the halterneck. As you can see, I ended up tucking the halter strap into the sides of the corset as it just wouldn't stay buttoned up. The halter strap has little popper buttons to secure it but they just kept popping open unfortunately, but not to worry, it still looks awesome this way. Told you, I couldn't help but pose in this thing! Amazing! 

It's obviously not something you will wear all the time but it's great for maybe fancy dress, or wearing underneath a fantastic dress to give you a fabulous silhouette. I know mine will definitely come back out for a Rocky Horror Show outing I have coming up and I can't wait!

What do you think? Do you wear corsets?


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