Changing Room Dress Up: Clements Ribeiro Swan SS2013

Evenin' Lovelies!

So, I'm gonna cut to the chase with this post because it could go on for a while. 

I was around London today so took the opportunity to pop along to the Evans Marble Arch store to check out the new Clements Ribeiro Swan collection 'Holiday' for SS2013.

I love the bright, fun, kitschy, playfulness of the collection, I feel it's reminiscent of the Beth Ditto collaboration (oh how I loved that collab!) and am so pleased to see it being thrown in the spotlight headed by some of my very favourite, fabulous blogger girls!

Although I liked them, I wasn't really bothered about the t-shirts as they aren't the right length for me to wear comfortably so gave them a miss and instead went for the 3 jersey tunics and the 2 shirt dresses in the range to try on.

First of all, the jersey dresses. I really wanted at least one of these to work for me, but due to the dual sizing making them too generously cut around my bust, but clingy on my tummy I just didn't feel comfortable in them, the cut was just all wrong for me. If I was to choose one of the dresses that I preferred I'd have opted for the Lobster Print but I didn't love it enough to hop, skip and jump out of the store with it. It looks so good on Bethany who models it for the range, but I'm just far too conscious of VBO (visible belly outline) for me to rock it and feel amaze! I'd say if you're busty and broad shouldered with a smaller tummy these could work well for you, but remember, there's no stretch in these as you'd maybe expect with jersey.

Lips Print Jersey Dress - The one I originally wanted, but after trying on, it's not for me sadly.
UK 30/32

Daisy Dot Print Jersey Dress - Bright, vibrant, fun, but too baggy in the bust and again too clingy around the tummy.
UK 30/32

Winner of the jersey dresses for me...

 Lobster Print Jersey Dress - Kitschy, comfy but again slightly too snug around the belly.
UK 30/32

Secondly, the coveted shirt dresses! Oh how I longed for one of these to look good on me! I really prayed for it! There were only 30's left on the rail, no 32's, so I was hopeful that they would be OK. The Painterly Animal Shirt Dress was an imminent NO! I haven't actually taken pics of that dress because I couldn't even get it on. I felt a bit like Sarah Jessica Parker in that one episode of Sex and The City where she's ripping the wedding dress off her for dear life. Maybe it was just that the one that I tried was really badly cut? I don't know, but that dress was a no go for me. 

Lastly was the Lip Print Shirt Dress which was modelled by the gorgeous Callie of 'From The Corners of The Curve'. I tried it on after the Painterly Shirt Dress and had already resigned myself to it not fitting after my previous experience, funnily enough though it went on fine. Both of these dresses are pretty much cut the same, so I couldn't understand why I didn't have a chance in the Painterly Dress in a 30 but the Lip Print Dress was OK? Odd? Anyway, the Lip dress went on great, but unfortunately as it was a little snug it gaped and pulled at the bust and my tummy. 

Lip Print Shirt Dress - Great print, fab colours, some stretch, but a size too small for me.
UK 30.

The dress does have some stretch in it and the material is lovely but unfortunately I'm not comfortable with anything clingy, so again it was a no for me. I'm hoping I can try and get my hands on one in a 32 to see if that's any better, so if anybody spots one, let me know!

Overall my favourites from the collection are the Lobster Print Jersey Dress and the Lip Print Shirt Dress. It's really great to see Evans release something fun and kitschy again so regardless of my experience of the fit of the range, I'm pleased to see that it's out there and engaging a younger, edgy audience to the brand. If I manage to get my hands on a 32 in the shirt dress I will definitely let you know and post an outfit. Otherwise, what are your favourite pieces from the collection?

Let me know!


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