Old Skool Kitsch: Radley

Evenin' lovelies! 

I hope you've all had fantastic weekends? 

I've unfortunately had to work this weekend, which has sucked massively. I mean, seriously, it should be illegal to work on Saturdays! They're compulsory lie in, drinking wine and shopping days, right? I must add, I did manage to get at least 1 glass of wine in this weekend though, actually it was a bottle, I'm still lying, it was 2, but anyway, I digress....

My 'I've had far too much wine' face....

Back to talking about shopping, over the last few days I've managed to do a bit too much of it, of the online variety of course seems as though I've been chained to my desk *ugh*.

Amongst buying 4 new dresses, 2 pairs of trousers a shed load of new accessories and various other stuff I really didn't need I went and had a mooch for handbags. A friend of mine has always had a beautiful collection of bags and after bumping into her a few days ago and spotting a lush little number on her arm I was surprised to find out it was actually a Radley Bag.

Now from as far back as I can remember Radley was one of the first 'kitschy' brands I ever encountered. Those cute little pastel puppies all emblazoned on a variety of leather numbers. I always loved them but never owned one. I did however have a Radley brolly which I stupidly left on a bus *sigh*. 

But it seems the brand has changed somewhat. It's moved on, got a bit more edge but still kept its typical kitschy charm. I popped over to the John Lewis website to have a nosey, I can't afford one yet but here are a few of my fave picks from the range...

And if I was to go for some old skool Radley kitsch, I love these...


Also, check out the Radley website where you will see some great images of Vogue's very own Laura Bailey modelling their new Spring/Summer 2013 collection as she is the current Radley Brand ambassador!

Are you a Radley fan? 


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