Lacy Skulls and Leopard Print: Yours Clothing OOTD

Afternoon my loves!!!!!

I've been a little bit quiet I know, I apologise. I've been so busy, mainly with work that I've been coming home and zoning out afterwards. There's nothing particularly exciting going on (well maybe one little thing, but I'll tell you some other time!) but whilst I've not been on here much I have been wearing some of my favourite items loads!!!!

In my last post I mentioned I had received some great items from plus size clothing retailer, Yours Clothing and showed off the first of those items just over a week ago which was a really lovely, super girly butterfly print tunic, remember? Well in this post I want to show you the lacy, studded, skull sweat top that they also sent me.

I LOVE THIS TOP! I've been wearing it constantly since I received it. It's so slouchy and yummy and *umph*. It looks great with jeans and jeggings, but this is my favourite way to wear it....

 Grey Sweat Top with Lace Skull - £22 Yours Clothing (UK 30/32)
Leopard Leggings - Chubby Cartwheels
White Pumps - New Look
Scarf - Primark
Tassel Bag - Primark
Bangles & Spike Ring - Primark

Not bad yeh? The sweater is in a really lovely thick, jersey sweater fabric and for £22 I think is an absolute bargain! I went for the UK size 30-32 as I wanted a really longline slouchy fit as I like items to be able to cover the tops of leggings and jeans and this is perfect for that. I've been a bit of a numpty though, when I was out in Boots a couple of weeks ago looking at nail polishes I spilled navy blue, metallic polish down the front of it (10 points if you can spot the mark!), so anyone who has any tips for getting nail polish outta clothes make sure you drop me a line!

Really impressed with this item, so again a massive thumbs up from me to Yours Clothing for this. I'm really into leggings, jeans, trainers and mega slouchy, comfy items at the moment so this is fitting into my wardrobe fantastically! Go give the site a nosey as there really are some bargains to be had, like I said before, especially if you are in the higher sizing end of plus size clothing as a lot of their items do run quite generously.

So, what do you reckon? How would you wear it?


P.S please excuse the super cheesetastic face in my pics!

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