Want, Want, Want: Clarks Trilby Tweed Heels

The title says it all really...

I'm not a seasoned heels wearer these days, if I do go for them they have to be comfortable and fit my wide feet. As I've got older (god I really didn't want to write that sentence but there, it's out!) I appreciate a comfy shoe.

Years ago Clarks had a reputation for being a bit frumpy and I remember it always being the place where your mom would take you to get your latest school shoes, yeh, a proper mom shop but they've really changed. So, my current want are these the Trilby Tweed Suede Platforms...

 Clarks Trilby Tweed Heel - £44.99
They come in varying widths and half sizes! I want both colours but I think I'm going to go for the black first just for wearability but I defintely want the multi coloured ones, they shall be cracking for summer!

Anyway, just thought I'd share my shopping lust for the evening...


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