Friday Night In: Blinkbox

Evenin' my loves!

Yep, can you believe it, after spending last Saturday evening in, I'm also live blogging to you during Friday night! I've decided to stay in, save some pennies and watch movies online with the good folk over at Blinkbox!

I've got my brew in hand...

My snuggly cardigan on...

Giant chocolate buttons ready...

...and I'm about to load up Argo! 

After catching up on all the Oscar's gossip and hearing about how well the film did I was dying to give it a watch, so when I loaded up Blinkbox and saw it sitting there waiting for me I was very impressed. The service has a great, up to date range of films and T.V, I'm spoilt for choice if I'm honest, but I managed to make a decision (there's a first!).

So I'm about to indulge in a bit of Ben Affleck (he's getting better with age right?) and my bag of giant chocolate buttons! What more could a girl ask for? Oh, I know, butler service, naked butler service would do nicely right about now, Blinkbox is awesome but if it just went that extra mile and delivered me a hot, half naked man to serve me chocolate and make endless cups of tea to go with my film viewing I'd never turn the thing off! But alas, it's just chocolate buttons and Affleck for me now, but how about that suggestion Blinkbox?
I'll let you know what I think of the film!

Happy Friday m'dears, if you're also having a quiet one, maybe check Blinkbox out? No naked butlers provided though unfortunately...

Big Love!

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