The Plus Size Work Wear Challenge: Pencil Skirt or Pussy Bow!

Hey Ladies!

So, it's my turn again for this weeks installment of The Plus Size Work Wear Challenge. This weeks theme was 'Pencil Skirt or Pussy Bow' suggested to us by Mrs Bebe and her fabulous ramblings and I opted for.....

The Pencil Skirt!

Pencil skirts, tube skirts, whatever it is you wanna call 'em are pretty hot right now and the plus size market are churning out quite a few awesome numbers at the moment! I'm only very recently just getting to grips with them though in all honesty. As open minded as I am towards fashion and rad fatty attitudes there are still elements of it that I am still yet to take on, one being the 'Visible Belly Outline' or otherwise known as the 'VBO'. Pencil skirts are renowned for being very figure hugging and for this reason I've always shyed away from them. 

A couple of months ago I spotted one in the Very So Fabulous range which I couldn't stop oggling, but in the back of my head I kept thinking to myself '...forget it, you'll never wear it.' so I left it alone, well that was until it was reduced to £7 in their sale! For such a bargain price, I thought that was as good a time as any to take the plunge and give the old classic in this vibrant print a test drive, and so, here I am in all my pencil skirted glory (sans VBO!)...

Tartan/Plaid Pencil Skirt - So Fabulous @
Sweetheart Bust Top - New Look Inspire
Boyfriend Cardigan - Simply Be
Patent Bow Belt - Torrid
Leopard Print Heels - Accessorize via Oxfam
Black Tights - The Big Bloomers Company
Enamel Heart Necklace - Primark

I even got brave enough to have a little go at print clashing! Foxy bit of leopard print and tartan! 

I have to say I'm really quite liking this outfit and the pencil skirt is really growing on me. A lot of the pencil skirts that are in most plus size ranges just recently are in stretchy, pull on styles so easily workable with sizing, I also find that the more fitted to your figure the better they look. If like me, you aren't so comfortable with the VBO issue then find yourself a top in a longer length and/or a cardigan to combine it with, I also belted under my bust to draw the eye away from my tummy area. By all means, I don't generally believe in sticking to 'flattering' rules but I totally appreciate that if you are trying something for a first time, you need to make yourself as comfortable as possible, so try experimenting with different ways to wear it and see how you feel best! 

I think I'm a now a convert! Rebecca over at The Plus Side of Me (one of my all time favourite bloggers!) has totally nailed the pencil skirt look on a larger plus size bodyshape, go check out her latest outfit post HERE!

I hope you're still enjoying this challenge and don't forget to check out all the other girls! You can find all of their blog links in this post HERE!


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