The Plus Size Work Wear Challenge: Out Of Your Comfort Zone...

Evenin' loves!

So it's week 3 of the Plus Size Work Wear Challenge, most of us are still posting strong, some of us have fallen by the wayside, but I'm sure we'll all be back on track! Keep looking out for the hashtag on Twitter #PSWorkWear and you should be able to find any of the other posts that my fabulous ladies have put together.

Anyway, on to my installment for this week, 'Out of Your Comfort Zone'. Well, last week was pretty much out of my comfort zone, the pencil skirt is still something I'm trying to get to grips with but this week I have something which pushes my comfort zone even further. 

As you may have noticed through my time blogging I wear ALOT of dresses, dresses and leggings, that's me. So this week I have *dun, dun, dun* a pair of trousers! Not just any old pair of trousers, but a pair of floral trousers! *EEEEP*

These So Fabulous floral pants have been doing the blogger rounds for a while and I have oggled all the other blogger girlies wearing them so amazingly for absolutely ages. I finally gave myself a push to purchase a pair about a month ago and I can only rave about them just as much as everybody else has. They are the most comfortable trousers I have ever owned in the most perfect leg length for my 29inch pins. They're light, comfy, cool and just amazing, a must have for any wardrobe. I don't think these exact ones are available any longer but the pansy print ones are currently available at Very for just £11 up to a size 28!

Floral Trousers - So Fabulous @
Black Top - H&M+
Black Boyfriend Cardigan - Simply Be
Black Patent Flats - Peacocks
Necklace - TBC

To make them smart enough for work I put them together with just a basic black top, cardigan and comfy flats, with a sprinkling of bling with a statement necklace!

Oh you need check out this amazeballs necklace I stole from my friends bedroom, I'm in the process of finding out where it was from and as soon as I know I will update you! Sooooooo pretty! Thanks for letting me steal it Miranda ;)

Don't forget to check out the other ladies involves who you can find in this post HERE and look out for the Twitter hashtag #PSWorkWear...

Big Love!

*Edit - the floral trousers I am wearing are still available HERE
**Edit - statement necklace is actually from Dorothy Perkins. 

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