My Simply Perfect Party Dress...

Evenin' my loves!

How's the Chrimbo season treatin' you all so far? Good? I sure hope so! 

I have to be honest, I can't say I'm a massive fan of Christmas, far too much pressure to go and spend, spend, spend when in reality a lot of us just can't afford the craziness that is forced upon us, just remember, it's a day to enjoy with family it's not about how much or how little you give or receive!

What I do enjoy about the season though is all of the parties! Well of course, I'm a self confessed party girl aren't I? Simply Be recently contacted me about choosing an item from their party wear collection, unfortunately the dress that I originally wanted wasn't in stock at the time so I was sent an elegant black number, the Petal Trim Dress. Whilst the dress itself is really beautiful, it just isn't me. I know this sounds really silly, but it just felt far too grown up and not in your face enough for me, I like to make big bold statements with my clothes and whilst this dress is really great for the party season it just didn't feel like it suited my personality and style. This dress is no longer available in black but you can still pick it up in Teal which is really pretty and will easily last you right through the seasons to wear as a summer number too! I'm quite sure I will wear it at some point but I also think I just had my heart set on what you will see in a moment.....

Petal Trim Dress - £50 Simply Be

Luckily at last minute, the dress I had been lusting over for a while from Simply Be came back into stock a few days before the big Christmas party I wanted to wear it to so I made sure I bagged it before it flew off the website again. Although the original dress those guys sent me wasn't my perfect dress, I managed to get my dream frock from them anyway! I know I say this all the time but you can always guarantee Simply Be will knock out an amazing occasion/party wear piece!

This is the Flock Baroque Print Skater dress and I am in love!


Flock Baroque Skater Dress - £48 Simply Be (UK Size 30)
Pink Heels - Vintage Debenhams (UK Size 6)
Black Tights - We Love Colors
Necklace & Bangles - Primark

The material is thick and delicious, the flocked texture is really sumptuous and the cut is just an absolute delight, that perfect skater cut! Although it is ever so slightly on the short side I really don't care because I love it that much! I love colour popping really bold colours against each other especially pinks and blues it's definitely one of my favourite colour combinations, these pink heels are a vintage purchase from eBay a few years ago, they have definitely seen better days but I think I can get a couple of years more wear out of them! I am also fully on the bright pink lips at the moment too! I popped into The Body Shop a few days ago and picked up this gorgeous lip and cheek stain in 'Bronze Glimmer', which I use over the top of my favourite Boots 17 'Pink Power' Lasting Fix Lipstick. This lip stain is easily one of the best ones I have ever had, it lasts for ages and unlike others it doesn't seem to dry your lips out and start flaking away, for £10 it's well worth the investment!


I can't bare to see this dress wither in my wardrobe and only come out for special occasions so I also thought of ways that I could dress it down. Put together with biker boots and a biker jacket you could definitely get away with wearing this it for a much more casual occasion! 

Biker Jacket - Evans
Biker Boots - Evans
Knitted Beanie - Primark

Not so bad aye? I quite like the casual look with this! Oh and P.S these Evans biker boots are so, so, so comfortable I am living in them at the moment!
So ladies, if you are still struggling to get hold a of Christmas or New Year dress and you can make a very quick cheeky purchase definitely head on over to Simply Be for a nosey!

If I don't blog before, have a very Merry Christmas beautiful people!


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